Friday 3 July 2009


The rose garden needs no introduction.

These small gardens are in what is described as Whiton Street.

This is in the fruit garden with a greenhouse to die for well actually I can't remember the make but the one I really like is an Alitex or Hartley Botanical this was neither but still lovely.
This is the Monocot border. Many years ago I was quite intrigued by the word Monocot it has a sort of specialness about it. I came home after seeing it and realised I had a border that could also be described as Monocot except for a climbing rose and clematis on the wall. However due to invasion of ground elder and my incapacity to garden I got Mike to plant up with shrubs.
The sign there says.
Flowering plants are divided into two groups Monocotyledons and Dicotlyedons. There are three major differences between the two groups.
When the seeds first germinate monocots only have one seed leaf whereas dicots have two.
The leaf veins in monocots usually run parallel to each other, as in grasses, the veins in dicots form a branched grid as in most tree leaves.
The flower parts of monocots tend to occur in multiples of three, the flower parts of dicots usually occur in multiples of four or five.
The vegetable plot a bit like a small allotment area showing different styles of managing the plot.
The Alpine House many may have seen my earlier post on my Mother's day trip.

A view across to the woodland area from the top of the rockery and across the stream.
This is a very popular photo of RHS Wisley looking back towards the building. You can see why.


  1. I've loved seeing all of your pictures. Now I want to see it in person!

  2. I reiterate my comment from the first post. I'm getting on the plane!

    That greenhouse is superb. Funny, I was looking at an ad for Hartley botanical in Gardeners World mag this afternoon.

  3. Oh for a greenhouse like that !

  4. Wisley ...., lovely place. I agree with Monocot sounds very special.... It sounds very royal to me...
    Have a nice weekend

  5. That looks like a beautiful place that I need to visit! Love that greenhouse :). I hope all has been well with you, and happy gardening.

  6. Oh for a vegetable garden like that! With a skilled Wisley gardener who appeared in a puff of smoke every time I had a problem...

  7. Such good ideas they have and you captured the feel of the place brilliantly.

  8. I haven't been to Wisley yet, but you're quite the guide!

    Have a great weekend

  9. Catherine if you ever come to UK then Wisley is a must at whatever the season.
    Rob do get a Hartley Blotanical just so I can drool every time I visit your blog. The adverts in Gardeners World are very tempting but don't think I would ever find the money.
    Anna Quite.
    Bangchik thanks for your comment.
    Tessa thanks glad you enjoyed it and I am doing very well thank you.
    Alison it is on our itinery to go to Wisley in September when you come visit for the Lyme Disease Action conference.
    Victoria if you have an allotment then it is worth looking round this part of the garden. One problem is you can't see everything in one visit and it is difficult to know what to leave out.
    Hermes my only real criticism is that when they built the wonderfull new glasshouse they got rid of the Singapore orchid house. That was such a waste. The orchids in the new Glasshouse are nice to see but no good for anyone who is a real enthusiast like my Dad. Ah well one day perhaps they will rectify this. They have the same problem at Kew.

    VP Hi thanks and one day you should make the trip.

    Guided tours happily performed although Wisley does put on their own tours.

  10. Your tours are wonderful Joanne, I always enjoy stopping by! I found the garden an interesting mix of traditional with modern...esp. those colored panels...not something I'd expect there! I would love to spend a day strolling on the paths there!

  11. Joanne,I have something on my blog for you. I know some people (including me) don't like such things, but this is a reality of blogging life. Do whatever you want, just know that I love your blog.

  12. Jan I am pleased you enjoyed it.
    Jes nice of you to stop by.
    Tatyana That was good of you to think of me. I enjoyed your post food for thought. I am not sure how I will fit a similar post in at present so busy with the garden ablogging and catching up on Blotanical but I will think about it. Thank you all the same.