Tuesday 29 May 2018


Pink Fantasy
A tour to look at my early clematis, I hope you enjoy them.

Pink Fantasy

Wadas Primrose


Marie Boisselot with Josephine
Not a great photo but it gives the setting these two clematis are growing in.

Marie Boisselot

Marie Boisselot

Nelly Moser grown from a cutting thankfully as the original died after replanting a shrub nearby.

Nelly Moser 

Montana Mayleen flowering earlier in May

The President one of the best doers in my garden

The President

William Kennett 
Not the best photo but a clematis I treasure, the original died and this cutting taken many years ago survived but has been accidentally chopped back on more than one occasion, when pruning the rose Rambling Rector which it grows through.

Marmori with a promise of so very many buds.

Sunset in a shady corner but managing to hold her own despite being nibbled.

Macropetala from several weeks ago another grown from a cutting of a cutting and the original plants died.

Rebecca putting on a magnificent display again this year


The sign was discarded as rubbish where my husband worked so acquired legitimately.

A last glimpse of Pink Fantasy in its garden setting.

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