Sunday 20 December 2009


Soon after the frosty start the weather turned to snow but fortunately we have only had a sprinkling unlike other areas.

Note I did not need to add the snow flake effect to this photo.

Again I think the remaining dead growth adds a good dimension to the winter garden.

A look down the road to the woods.

The next morning from the bedroom window. It gives a good plan of the garden at the front.

A view across to the trees from the bedroom window.

This is a view from the back bedroom window and gives a good plan of the back garden. Excluding most of the top grass area because it is covered in roof sheets etc as Mike still hasn't finished the work on the back lean too. Weather has now got in the way of the last few hours needed to complete the lean too but at least it is water proof. Once I can get to this area there are still some shrubs I need to prune.

Just a bit to the south not covered in roofing stuff.

A view from the back bedroom across to the woods with the bit of the other bedroom window in the photo.


Wednesday 16 December 2009


A touch of frost in the garden this morning, the first real bit of frost this year. The trough in the drive is still interesting with it's winter foliage.
I am slow at cutting back the dead plants, I quite like to see them in the winter frost especially from the bedroom window above. I also think they give the birds opportunities to feed. Well that's my excuse anyway.

These berries on the wall should keep a few birds fed.

The frost looks good on these silver leaves but I must look up the name of this shrub because I have forgotten it.

Hebe Nicola's blush looks especially pretty in the frost.

One of several frozen mini ponds.

I still haven't got round to pruning all the roses, some, but it is a shame to chop them back when they are still flowering.

More silver foliage lending itself to the frosty look although the box looks interesting too, much better than the traditional vegetable bed which can look so bleak in the winter.

I couldn't resist these last roses with their pretty frosted edges.

And the Fairy too.

The greenhouse is rather full and being unheated I decided to leave the summer shade on maybe it will help keep some heat in.

These little babies didn't find a home but maybe some will get popped in the beds in the spring, I quite like them on the bench too, up close to enjoy them.

Interesting to see the Acer has already swollen buds of new growth.

This view back to the house hides the jobs on the top section that are still waiting to be done.
One more last farewell from an unknown rose.
I have been busy updating my Looking at Lyme blog link top right so do pop over and have a look.

Wednesday 9 December 2009


During a recent visit to family I was taken to the Martin Mere Wildfowl Centre. At this time of year there are so many birds to see and at 3 o clock they are fed near the hides so it was a truly amazing sight watching them fly in, many of the swans in formation.

The above photographs were taken from the videos I took which I will post during the winter months.

The last few photos were taken from a different hide with rather dirty glass windows that didn't open. Good for keeping warm but not so good for photographs.
The final shot was near the entrance who could resist a shot of Flamingo, interesting to read on the Martin Mere website, that they are classified as near threatened.

Tuesday 17 November 2009


I am so behind with posting and catching up on other blogs but I decided to post a few photos of the garden last week. Of course this was a cheat bought from the local street market but a welcome sight by the front door.

These hardy Fuschia come into their own at this time of year all grown from cuttings from a friends garden in Newquay.

Nicola's Blush Hebe a cutting from a neighbours bush it is a very worth while Hebe to grow. All the Hebes I have tried have taken well from cuttings.

Winter Jasmine already putting on a good show.

In the back garden Fairy Rose again taken successfully from cuttings.

I finally removed the Dahlias last week and I was pleased that the ground elder was not as bad as I had expected. Pity I didn't sweep up after myself but nice to see soil without ground elder here.

Whilst I dug, these little beauties smiled down on me. Vitecella Vernosa Violecea quite dainty clematis but so worth growing where you can enjoy their lovely faces.

One last bloom of Edward Elgar. Sadly the perfume is lost in the cooler weather.

I even had a tidy up along this wall which is something I rarely get round to doing. The ferns are still looking nice.

Hermosa has bloomed since May so well worth growing although the stems can be a little weak.

I was so pleased to see so many flowers on the Arbutus Uneo because I lost one plant and this it's replacement looked as if I might lose as well earlier in the year.

The leeks are doing well and ready to eat.

What a different view at this time of year. I replaced many of the Lavender on one side of the garden and have pruned very hard back with others. If the pruned ones do not survive because I don't think Lavender enjoys such hard pruning, I have got several cuttings in pots which can be used to replace them.
As you can see I have had fun loading larger photos and putting my name on them. As if anyone would be interested in pinching them Hah! I think I was like a child with a paint box and made the names too colourful. Must follow Tatyana's advice and choose more discrete colours.
The reason I have not blogged so much recently is because there has been lots to read and e mails to send regarding my other interest. Yes you guessed following developments with Lyme Disease. The news about XMRV retrovirus is also fascinating to read. Many people with ME/CFS diagnosis are found to have Lyme and there are so many parallels with the two illnesses and the politics that surrounds them.
So rather than compromise this blog I started another one Looking at Lyme there is a link on my side bar. I will use this new blog to post anything that catches my eye, of which there is so much. It will also make a suitable place for me to retrieve information quickly.
I am more than happy if anyone chooses to visit and by all means add your comments.