Wednesday 23 April 2014


Lovely cherry blossom

Worth a closer look.

Choisya Aztec Pearl one of many cuttings that have been passed along to friends and family.

Hosta bed dressed to protect from slugs as slug pellets a no no with a puppy although we need to watch she doesn't chew the stones to. The pots of Agapanthus Cowslip and Acer en route elsewhere as the Hosta leaves grow.

A lovely borrowed landscape from my neighbour of Elizabeth Montana Clematis, Apple blossom and the trees from the woods beyond.

A new trellis across the bottom of the vegetable patch, Rambling Rector pruned hard back with a variety of rose shrubs and clematis to grow up it and spring planting in the border. Plus beans hardening off before planting out.

More trellis between the Greenhouse and Delphiniums with clematis and Sanders white rose to grow along it.

Tomato plants with pots to hold newspaper at night when frost is threatened.

Sweet peas and Dahlias brought out from overwintering in a frost free garage.

Lilies and Nerines and trays of plants for hanging baskets - I'm not upto growing hanging basket plants from seed.

What to do with water buts that leak. They make useful pots when cut in half. I grow my sweet peas in these because I run out of garden space, they get some shade from the hedge and they are easy to pick for the house. They now have large wigwams to climb up which also keeps the cats out!

A reminder to me to put more bulbs in my box beds that border the central path. Mostly daffodils need planting here but also tulips in other beds.

I love this red plant and can't remember it's name any offers or I must trawl Mr Google later.

Lots more little box plants that my daughter grew and decided she didn't want - I nursed them along and decided to fill in some gaps, guess what a few weeks later daughter had second thoughts and decided she wanted some box edging after all. We compromised with some larger plants from the other end of the bed and more cuttings for another year.
A dear friend years ago gave me some plants with a warning about the wild onion - I laughed and said oh that's nice - I am afraid now I have experienced how it spreads I think differently.  Can you just see it in this bed and I only weeded it a few weeks ago.

Banksie Banksie Rose a lovely sight and one of the first to flower.

Montana Elizabeth Clematis slow to start but yes I know how much it will spread in time.

I have had this Dendrobium Orchid for many years this is the best ever flowering so you could say I finally cracked it, providing the right conditions in the summer months outside but not too much shade. The perfume is so powerful that it gets moved out of the room when visitors come, you just can't sit in the same room it is so overwhelming.

This Wardian Case was a gift and has been fun to plant up.

It inspired me to re plant the Bottle garden.

Meg having a rest in her activity playground.

Meg resting before chewing more of my plants. Mike asked me to remove all the poisonous plants from the garden so Meg wouldn't be sick. I laughed when I looked at the list - it would mean removing nearly every plant. With care hopefully we will stop her eating anything that will make her sick, we managed to do so with the other three dogs we have had.

Sunday 6 April 2014


Mike with his new puppy Meg, a surprise present from the family which brought tears to his eyes.

Meg not too sure about this strange place.

Meg already found a nice cushion and a place to hide.

Mike and Meg already good companions.

                                       Meg's Mum, what a lovely natured mum she was too.

                                                                Mum and pups

                           All four pups two boys and two girls, couldn't you just have had them all.