Monday 27 July 2009


These metal steps were a Mother's day present and come in very useful for small pots although like most things in my garden the posts overcrowd and you don't get a good look at the stand.

I like my little table and it is a good size for the narrow terrace.

I thought Mike came up with a good idea for holding a pot and it helps disguise the water barrel.

Not easy to see but on the roof are house leeks. An old wives tale was that it protected the house from lightening.

Other house leeks on the slope near the garage.

After a good prune the first of the season these house leeks can be seen better.

Just to see how much it grows nearly as much as a Russian vine.

After a trim all looks much better.


  1. All good ideas, I love house leeks and had them on my house in the Lake District where they gre well.

  2. Interesting to read that house leeks are supposed to protect a house from lightening - we saw a huge houseleek while on holiday in the lake district - I think it could have acted as a lightening conductor.

  3. So now I know (again) the English name for what we call 'Hens and chickens!! House leeks
    I am presuming that Mike is the talented person who runs up the ladder to do the pruning! I'd never get past the first rung!!
    Your garden looks so gloriously green!
    Did you catch any of the news about the Lyme Disease Review Panel Hearing on the 30th?? It was 'quite interesting"!!

  4. Joanne, I love the steps and the table! Great ways to display plants in pots. I'm curious about Russian vine. Can you show it closer?

  5. I love the vines on your house! it looks so extremely english! I LOVE IT!

  6. I would like to grow something up the west-facing, one and half storey end gable of the house. Its quite exposed to wind and rain. I wondered about Virginia Creeper? Your house looks lovely with that creeper. How difficult is it to keep pegged to the wall and controlled?

  7. Hi Thanks for the comments I am away from home and so without a computer to keep up to date.
    I miss led you it is not a Russian vine mearly grows nearly as vigorously on the left is Banksiae Banksiae, grape in the middle and Albertine on the right with several clematis throughout.
    Alison yes I couldn't walk upstairs until recently so it is down to Mike.
    The IDSA review was amazing from what I read. I just printed off at the library some of the presentations can't wait to get home and watch through IDSA website. They cannot possibly deny Chronic Lyme now after this.
    I did load two posts for whilst I was away so I will now publish the second one. Mike is doing the head gardeners job in my abscence