Monday 12 June 2017


I love this time of the year. A view across my vegetable garden or is it Rose and flower garden, you choose.

So delighted with my catmint. Nepata six hills giant, it works so well in the box with the roses and so much less work than the annual cosmos, lupins and other plants I tried over the years. Also brilliant at supressing weeds.

New Dawn

Francis E Lester

Viticella Venosa Violacea

White Flower Carpet struggling a bit.

Giant Scabious -Cephalaria gigantea

Blush Rambler a delightful rose often flowers later than my other ramblers.

Yes it is a vegetable bed.

And a rose bed

Mayor of Casterbridge rose and as you see I always fail to prepare the scene by chopping out spent flowers - if only there was more time.

Sweet Juliet grown on tripods due to their height.

Rosa Mundi a spur from my Dad's garden.


Cottage rose one of my first David Austin roses which was moved three times before I found somewhere it was happy - I have successfully taken cuttings which are shared with my daughters.

Another love Delphiniums best grown together for ease of care.

Another glimpse of Blush Rambler - any volunteers to pull out Bindweed gratefully accepted.

Mayor of Casterbridge again

Rosa Gallica again a spur from my Dad's garden

Veilchenblau such an unusual colour flower quite a curiosity piece for visitors.

Comtesse du Bouchard

Regala Lillies

Arum lillies

Comtesse du Bouchard

A final glimpse before going indoors. Hope you enjoyed my garden.

Sunday 11 June 2017


I have been trying to sort out settings because previous photos when enlarged lost clarity so this post is on original size and very much better definition. The down side being that to see all the photo on the landscape ones then you need to click on the image.

Just to remind you this is the vegetable area in my rose garden.

Experiments taking cuttings.

These seem to have taken fingers crossed for success.

Someone on a garden Facebook group Friendly Gardeners was saying that willow shoots in water helped cuttings to root so I tried a number. Of course most of above roots are willow.

But here is a root from the Coronilla glauca 'Citrina'  I don't have a photo of mine in flower but click on the name for a link to Thompson and Morgan.Interesting that it was the newer growth not the hard wood that rooted. I must take some more cuttings.

This lovely archway is in my neighbour's garden. It is so nice to have neighbours who share your love of gardening and it is such a delightful garden.