Thursday, 15 July 2021


A view up the garden from the bottom steps next to the greenhouse.
Cottage rose on the left.

White Francine Austin. Catmint is Six Hills Giant lots of cuttings taken from the first two plants I bought. This is just the start of flowering.

Cottage rose with Cornelia in the next bed then Cecile Brunner. The bamboo canes are for the runner and climbing beans.

Now a view down the garden and sorry about the hose pipe and weeds I wasn't up to setting the scene.

A better view of Cornelia.

One of my favourite roses Rosa Mundi.

William Shakespeare has the most heavenly scent.

Francine Asustin

Francis E Leicester always difficult to photograph, I never do it justice.

Mayor of Casterbridge with Geranium Magnificum

A view across the garden looking south.

Sweet Juliet 

Blush Rambler

Crocus Rose

This is in the garden surrounding the grass. A new rose St Swithun.

Princess Alexandra of Kent sent to me by a dear friend Katrina .

England's Rose has flowered really well this year. 

I am very belated in posting this but since recovering from chemo life has been very busy, although not a lot of energy for much gardening, I have been catching up on my new hobby of spinning wool.
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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Front garden flowers

Gertrude Jekyll Rose started flowering before most of my other roses and came out a very cerise pink.

A lovely cistus which tends to be lower growing and was in the garden when we moved here 40 years ago, this is one of many cuttings.

White rose Francine Austin with Jayne Austin peach just starting to flower and bright pink cerise cystus in the foreground. The red rose is a cutting from Nanny's rose.

Francine Austin is magnificent this year.

A later photo of Gertrude Jekyll now the flowers are much paler but then we had days of strong sun.

 The perennial red poppy with the first rose  of Sophie's rose red outside the window.

It has been my pleasure to watch the plants in the front garden come into bloom.

I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast cancer in January followed by a mastectomy and then four rounds of Chemotherapy. The chemo has been horrendous so I have been unable to do anything in the garden and Mike is doing a wonderful job of taking care of things. My last chemo was just over a week ago so it will be at least another week before I start to improve.


Lovely white Iris Immortality

The Blue Iris I have grown for some years but have spread around the front garden and last year ordered three white Iris only Immortality flowered but hopefully the other two Ice Dancer will flower next year. The beauty of Iris is their early flowering and not being destroyed by slugs and snails.


Monday, 27 July 2020


The front garden is such a delight with the Dahlias joining in with various white phlox, fuschia, Crocosmia and a few Agapanthus in pots to add to the kaleidoscope.

Once again blogger has changed and I can no longer adjust sizes as I have in the past not to mention being able to make spaces as easily to add comments having spent ages so far today I have had enough maybe next time I will plan it better. 

The hanging baskets are flourishing thanks to Mike's care. Much admired and even had someone cadging cuttings from the fuschia today although he clearly had come prepared.

The agapanthus always grow better for me in pots and look nice in the border.

This is a new dahlia because I lost several during the winter having forgotten to cover with soil they became too dry.

Thursday, 18 June 2020


It's always fun finding old photos. This is of the house next door to us Pound Cottage in Old Merrow Street, Merrow. It was used as a laundry for many years and here are the laundry women with a group of children.
The front porch of our house 1 Orange Cottages can be seen to the right of pound Cottage.

This is another photo of Pound Cottage. Note the Pound has a porch built out at the front. You can just see the roof tops of our house next door. How things have changed, these days the field opposite is built up and the land behind the big tree on the right and the land beyond the houses is now woodland. 

This is the side view of Pound Cottage. This predates the previous photo it hasn't got the front Porch or the larger rear extension.
In the garden about where the photographer was standing was the local pound, where animals found on the common would be impounded.

This is small scale copy of an old map that used to belong to Lesley Carne of Gateside cottage it was given to him and was one of a pair of maps belonging to the Thrupp Estate.
The Thrupp estate owned most of the houses farms and land along Merrow Street .
The map is dated 1878 and was before the railway was built across the top of where the map stops.

Thirty years ago I borrowed the two maps and made a tracing of one that had names of occupants of some of the houses, it had been a sort of working map of the estate.
The above is a small part of my copy showing the Day family lived in our house 1 Orange Cottages. Next door at Pound Cottage known then as the Laundry was Mrs Clare. This was confirmed by elderly neighbours.

It looks like Sampsons Gardeners lived at 2 Gateside Cottages, Mrs Papitos at 1 Gateside Cottages, and Ernie - who works on the roads at possibly 2 Orange Cottages. This is not verified and the writing was faded on the original as well as my copy.

These two lovely maps were given to Guildford museum where they are held in their archives. The small copy of the maps shown above was purchased from the museum.

From information on Ancestry.

Benjamin Ernest Day born 21 mar 1866 Merrow married Annie Reffold 14 Jan 1888 died 2 Sep 1905 buried St John Merrow 7 Sep 1905 cause of death TB & Nepgritis


Annie born 9 Aug 1867 Hambledon Witley Surrey married 1888 died 23 Mar 1951 Merrow buried St Johns Merrow


They had 11 children 

Benjamin Ernest Day

From Left Gladys Edith Day Clarke, Sarah CarneSpong, Cecely Day, Annie Reffold Day.

From 1901 census 

From 1911 census

Above is from 1939 when Lesley Carne having married Dorothy Day lived in our house. He then moved to 2 Gateside cottages and had a daughter Sarah.

It was my privileged to have know Lesley over his last few years. His wife Dorothy had died and not long before we moved to 1 Orange Cottages he married again to Christina.  They were such lovely neighbours.

How lovely to get to know a little bit more about the history of the family who shared our house before us.

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