Wednesday 19 January 2011


I couldn't have chosen a nicer day, the weather was perfect for a walk up Battlestone Hill. January is probably the only month I hadn't visited RHS Wisley so it was a treat to see what was on display.

Delightful Hellebores.

The Hamamelis were in full bloom, I am so pleased I was able to enjoy them.

The views were lovely with the low sun highlighting the Hamemelis amongst the mature trees.

Lots of buds on the Rhododendrons and Camellias so must be sure to return in February and March to see them at their best.

This was definitely the right day to enjoy the Daphne, the perfume pervaded the air as I walked around the hill.

Even the remains of Autumn foliage was interesting, these strange leaves of Magnolia Macrophylla like dirty handkerchiefs hung up to dry, behind the Hydrangea heads.

And these little treasures Aconites, not yet open.

I met the Galloping Gardener for a visit to the RHS Wisley Glass house to see the butterflies but as she had to gallop off, I stayed on and enjoyed a walk around the garden.

Do pop over to The Galloping Gardener blog and you can enjoy the Butterflies.