Wednesday 26 June 2019


Blush Rambler with Sanders White growing through the old apple tree in the borrowed landscape.

Noble Anthony has this strange luminescence in every photo that is not seen by the naked eye.

Mayor of Casterbridge is a vigorous rose with beautiful flowers on strong stems.

The perfume from Mayor of Casterbridge is superb.

Francis E Lester a beautiful Rambler with an abundance of flowers. I never manage to do justice with a photo though.

Sweet Juliet another strong grower hence the tripods in order to contain the plant in our small garden. 

Sweet Juliet perfume is also a delight on this repeat flowering rose.

More of Blush Rambler with Rosa Mundi below.

Rosa Gallica in the foreground. The catmint Six Hills Giant works so well in these beds with the roses far better than lavender with a flowering season for many months.

Just a few phone snaps of my June roses. I always do things the wrong way around and take the photo and then think about deadheading.

I am struggling again with my Lyme Disease especially my legs and have lost my supportive doctor. Damned the NHS for their ineptitude in treating this disease. But at least I am able to enjoy the fruits of my past labours and although difficulty now sourcing treatment I still respond well to Clarithromycin.

Tuesday 11 June 2019


Don't you just adore Delphiniums? As always I jumble things together in my garden such that what is supposed to be my Delphinium bed has to compete with Sanders White rose on the trellis behind and two clematis, all obligingly flowering late so as not to spoil the delphinium show. On the left of this small border is a Gleditsia tree and on the right an old cooking apple tree with variegated box along the front. As always the dreaded columbine and ground elder invades everywhere but I can ignore that with these beauties flowering.
The Delphiniums were grown from seed many years ago, over the years cuttings and seeds grown from the original plants have helped fill in any gaps. Delphiniums are best grown together in their own bed so it is easier to protect from being devastated with slugs and snails.