Monday 20 July 2009

Picture this photo contest July

Laburnum flowering spring this year from an earlier post Luxurious Laburnum.

I nearly missed the photographic competition hosted by Gardening Gone Wild. Having seen the many amazing entries I wasn't sure whether to enter and then I remembered the useful comments posted on the earlier competition on Roses and as I have a lot to learn about photography I decided to enter the above photograph.

In Rob's words 'some pump out zillions of blooms within a few days creating an eye-popping extravaganza that can make our heads spin' so aptly put.


  1. Good luck in the competition! I love the colors in this picture. I've always enjoyed your pics. Great job! -Jackie

  2. The picture is very impactful I have to admit Joanne.. a sudden rush of yellow blooms in zillions. Do they require photo title for each entry?... A good title will carry it through... Good Luck Joanne,
    ~ bangchik

  3. This photo is very special. The whole tree is blooming with flowers. So beautiful, so all the very best of luck, Joanne.

  4. Thanks for your comments do have a look at the Gardening gone Wild post and all the other entries some amazing photos.
    Bangchik no the name is not important just a photo of a flowering tree or shrub so why not have a go but time limit is up midnight on wednesday so allow for time difference.

  5. I love the photo and would love to have the tree in our garden. I tried twice but it is border line hardy and a cold winter did them in.
    Good luck!

  6. Wow, what a traffic-stopper! Gorgeous!

  7. Carolyn Thank you with agarden as beautiful as yours I don't think you will miss a Laburnum.
    Diane yes but fortunately we live in a cul de sac so very little traffic however we get many passing walkers and cyclists who get permanent cricks in their necks at certain times of the year.
    Teresa Thanks
    Catherine praise indeed from such an accomplished photographer.

  8. That's an eyepopper! Beautiful flowering tree. Probably not hardy in my zone. . .