Saturday 4 April 2020


A glimpse of the front garden with hellebores, primrose and tall snowdrops under the front wall.

The photos don't really do justice  but this is my view when I sit in the front window not bad on a cold day.

An aerial view from the bedroom window.

Not very clear, but in this bed I replanted tall snowdrops. They came out of this bed a couple of years ago when I put weed suppressant down and wood chip and the snowdrops have been happily growing in tall pots, so it was time I found them a new home by parting the weed suppressant. The pots are agapanthus that overwintered in the greenhouse.

The Camellia have been lovely this spring but the weather has been atrocious for gardening so we haven't been able to enjoy seeing them as much as most years.

The tulips have done better than the daffodils this year I keep meaning to plant more daffodils in these beds, the last lot came to nothing not sure why. In the foreground I have planted agapanthus. These have now been planted in the front of the beds along the path because we have so many in pots and can't keep moving them around the garden and back into the greenhouse each year. 

The neighbour's house is much more visible since we had the laurel hedge cut back, shame but had to be done and we could no longer manage it because it had grown too tall.

This is not to brag about having a hose pipe! It is the first of many beds that needed a proper clear out and restart. Lavender, pinks and I think it is chinadoxa flowering.

There's that darn hosepipe again but it is useful to have it left down the path.There's that white chair again often in centre shot not that I am proud of it but as you may notice I point and snap and rarely stage a photo.

 A few broad beans in the greenhouse ready to go outside - they are now planted out. These photos I took a few days ago and just hadn't got around to posting them.

This is me trying to reduce the number of potted plants I have. Big fail the remaining agapanthus further along the path have since been split and potted on thus leaving Mike with just as many pots to move around the garden.

My working space looking tidier than usual the strawberry barrels have been moved for the hedge cutting but may well remain in this position. Yet more agapanthus although bigger varieties.

Well that's it from Orange cottages for now.

I would like to wish you all well and stay safe from this nasty coronavirus.