Sunday 14 August 2016


A corner of the garden glimpsed from just outside the back door.

Clematis Viticella Royal Velours

Clematis Viticella Alba Luxurians

Clematis Viticella Blue Belles

Viticella Polish Spirit

Clematis Viticella Joanne ( grown from my seedling)

Clematis Viticella Filijay ( grown by my seedling)

Clematis Perle d'azur

Clematis Viticella Vernosa Violocea

Clematis John Huxtable

Clematis Niobe ( not the best photo but special because I thought I'd lost this clematis)

Hoheria left, Eucryphia centre, Viticella Sodertalje peeping through and Clematis Perle d'azur

Eucryphia Nymensis


A closer look of Hoheria with I think clematis Viticella Carmencita peeping through.