Saturday, 18 July 2009


Never too many clematis. Vit. Triternata Rubro Marginata is delightful and has the most exotic vanilla perfume that fills the air in the evenings, which is why I grow it in a pot near the front door. It is accompanied by Vit. Minuet below another sweet face that needs to be near to where you walk to really appreciate it.
Below is Vit. Polish Spirit a good vigorous clematis which should have had more of a helping hand into the Laburnum. Top right is a similar coloured petunia in a hanging basket.

Also at the back of the house is another Vit. Polish Spirit this performs even better, with all the many clematis to choose from what a pity I managed to duplicate these but lovely anyway.

Just a closer look.

Below is Vit. Alba Luxurians, it has the most unusual markings of green on the flowers. It is a very vigorous clematis and had to be moved from it's original position because it was so large. It didn't like the move Clematis rarely do, but it has settled and growing well again.

Not a particularly good photo but just an idea of how it grows.

Vit. Royal Velours was one of my favourites but I don't think I like the rounded petal shapes as much as others. It grows in the most adverse conditions against a wall facing north and because there are a lot of climbers on the wall, it does not get much rainfall to the roots, although when I remember I do give it a bit extra water.

This was a cutting from a Viticella taken some years ago and I lost the label so not sure which one but it does look very much like another Polish Spirit.

I do like it growing in the Gleditsia

This was an addition last year John Huxtable.

I am very pleased with how he has grown although he is covering my rather sad Robinia I do not think either will come to harm.

Last but not least Vit. Jackmanii my very first clematis although this was a cutting taken over twenty years ago and in fact the original which was in the front garden died last year.

For those of you who, like me adore clematis, see my earlier posts More Clematis and Clematis Lovers Only.


  1. Ooh gorgeous selections. I too love Clematis. My favorite in my garden is 'Niobe'. :)

  2. Hi Joanne.... you mean all these are variation of clematis?... Hmmm. Most has long petals except for the one in photo number 8, having a little bit round and closely packed petals.... Just look at the range of colors .. one even with clorophyl on the petals!..

    Lovely plants, flowers and garden.

    ~ bangchik

  3. I agree, never too many Clematis! I just bought a small arbor and of course it will need to have a Clematis on it :)
    You have so many pretty ones, and I love seeing the different varieties. I also really like seeing how you have it growing up through other plants, something I haven't tried yet.

  4. "Never too many clematis"
    Agreed, agreed.

  5. Very beautiful! I love all your variety in your garden.

  6. Love all of your clematis! I need to take tips from you on growing them. Mine have stopped blooming at this point in time. I am sure if I had the right cultivars I could have them blooming all summer. And, mine don't do well in shade, so I must only have sun-loving ones. I really need to pay more attention to what I'm buying and where I place it. When I get more 'industrious', perhaps I'll move some and also purchase more. A lovely tour of your garden, as usual!

  7. Hi Perenial Gardener Yes Niobe is a particularly favourite of mine with such unusual dark flowers.
    Bangchik this is only a tiny number of the many hundreds of clematis available. Ray Evison has done much to introduce many and our garden centres are full of them but they always look best in a natural setting amongst other climbers as they would grow in the wild.
    Catherine I would choose two or more of the less vigorous variety ie definitely not Montana and some of the vitecella are too vigorous for an arbour. Make sure pruning is the same on at least each side of the arbour. I look forward to the photos.
    Hermes I do agree but I am struggling to find space and my last two were put in pots although space for pots is also at a crisis these days.
    Missy M well thank you but the camera is kind and doesn't show up the weeds quite like the eye sees.
    Jan sounds like you may need a few of the code 3 varieties such as but not only Vitecella types as they need hard pruning early February and then start flowering late June early July and go on for some time. In fact depending on when they are pruned you could organise a succession throughout the summer but I haven't got round to fine tuning that too much to do and not enough time for all the jobs especially since blogging eeks into gardening time too.

  8. Hi Joanne:

    Your clematis pictures are beautiful, as always. I have a few miserable climbers that I've neglected out of ignorance and illness. Time to get pruning!

    Keep the pictures coming. You're doing great with that new camera. (I liked the spider's web...)

  9. Wow! You have a lot of clematis! I have one straggly little character, which holds little promise although it did get two tiny flowers this year for the first time. Maybe someday it will climb like yours!
    Plant Lady

  10. I admire your collection a great deal, as (with a few exceptions) clematis do not seem to like what I have to offer. The main exception is a C. fargesoides that comes on like gangbusters and takes over. But for a take-over, it's a pretty one.

  11. Thanks Joe
    Trillium grove Farm nice of you to pop by I will visit when I get some time to browse.
    Helen same to you also, I must look up C Fargesoides. In fact I just stopped and googled guess where it took me yes Your blog Toronto gardens I will pop back later to have a good look.