Saturday, 4 July 2009


I have been thinking about buying a better camera for some time. My Macro shots had improved but I couldn't get the detail I wanted in a garden shot. When I was at Wisley on Tuesday I got chatting to a photographer who was doing aerial shots of one of the small gardens. His advice finally helped me to make up my mind, that and the lovely photos I see on so many blogs and my disappointment with some of my Wisley photos. So I ordered a Canon Power Shot G10.

The hanging basket is doing an ok job of disguising the water butt and the petunias smell of vanilla in the evening.

I had to say snaps because for now that is the best I can do. I am just getting my head round the basics as quickly as possible because I am off to Hampton Court RHS show on Wednesday and I do want to do my best with my new camera.

I think these of my garden are an improvement but haven't had time to look too hard at before and after photos. Yes I have been weeding the path again and re sanding still a bit yellow but surprising how quickly it fades. I am hoping the builders sand will discourage more weeds but some are real toughies.

It has taken me hours to figure out how to resize for my blog but hopefully when you click on the image they should get bigger. I love that we live so close to the woods they give such protection from prevailing winds as well as making a lovely back drop and afording us with a greater variety of bird life. We had been watching the bats the other evening and an owl flew by.

It certainly picked out the detail of a columbine, white flower that is creeping up my Prince Charles, he doesn't seem to mind but I did and columbine is now beheaded.

These roses over 30 years old left from the previous owner perform so well every year although in this hot weather they loose so many of their leaves.

I had a good weed of the ground elder along this bed and under the seat so am now ready with systemic weed killer for any more that pops it's head up. Dare I say the columbine has not as yet got along here.
With a female dog I am afraid the grass is always a casualty.
Pity it isn't a real duck as I would have no problems with slugs or snails. After we looked after a duck for a friend for only two weeks we did not have a slug and snail problem for several years.

A peaceful corner in this hot weather.

The famous hip bath from Naughty Dog Disasters. The water lily is still struggling.

This is my Five Jasmines seat.

My Jacoranda trees are doing ok and just by the back door I can keep a close eye on them.

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  1. Fascinating! It's all looking very good. It is the kind of garden that's a huge amount of work - so much detail - but very rewarding to look at. Well for us looking at the pictures, it is! Re the water lily, I had thought they needed greater depth than that, but I may well be wrong.

  2. Joanne, I see that you have taken some good shots already. Looking forward to see more of your scenic garden.

  3. GREAT PHOTOS!! Beautiful garden, so much to see. Now you'll be taking pics ALL the time.
    Can you believe I went all the way to a National Trust Garden called Rowallane today only to find I had left my camera battery in the charger at home!!

  4. I love seeing all of your pretty garden pictures! I enlarged all of them. Isn't it fun to have a new camera to try out? My camera is very similar to the one you have. After about a month of using it I've just barely figured out half the settings, but already I notice a difference in how they look. I can't wait to see pictures of the Hampton Court show.

  5. I am enjoying your blog so much. Such beautiful gardens!

  6. What an enchanting tour around your garden, and great to see the images enlarge when you click on them.
    Enjoy Hampton Court and your new camera

  7. Joanne, lovely photo's and the garden is gorgeous, now I can't wait to visit you and see it for myself.
    Enjoy the flower show on Wednesday, we are going on Thursday, I can't wait, I do non stop photography whilst there, so I expect you and I will be posting lot's of photo's next week, daresay some of ours will be similar!

  8. Joanne- your garden is amazing! I can't believe how lush and full it is. That is what I aspire to someday~

  9. Oh my God, that is the most wonderful garden I've ever seen! That's really a dream garden!

  10. EB work you can say that again. I spent the morning harvesting Bindweed and the afternoon digging up ground elder, the only consolation is that it makes room to stand a few more pots and relieves my pot crisis.
    Regarding the water lily you are absolutely right, however we have three similar sized pools and having successfuly got a water lily to grow and flower in the one at the front I thought I'd try the hip bath. I have an old bit of water lily from our very overgrown pond that has never flowered in the pool in the back. I see today whilst weeding the one in the front has two flowers on although the leaves are well proud of the water. I think if I replaced every few years it would still be worth it to have such lovely flowers.
    Autumn Belle thank you.
    Carrie Thanks. How annoying to not be able to take photos.
    Catherine Thanks, I feel like a child in a sweety shop this year with so much I want to and can do.
    Hermes Thank you.
    Miss M thank you for popping by.
    Karen Praise indeed from an artist. I am glad you enjoyed the tour I fear it will be quite some time before I try to do a video. I have a daughter who did art and is very into photography but apart from the odd conversation such as on the phone tonight I rarely see her long enough to really pick her brains about photography.
    Hi Maureen enjoy your trip to Hampton Court.
    Heather tank you, if we don't get some rain soon it will be very dry, we have only had two very short showers hardly wetting the ground since middle of May although all around us there have been odd downpours.
    Lene fra Lillehammer Thank you for popping by and your lovely comments.

  11. Thank you for also visiting my blog. I hope it's ok for you that I've put you on my bloglist? I would really like to follow your wonderful blog and all the lovely pictures from your garden. And I do understand english so I understood what you wrote in my blog. And yes, you have absolutely right, I like an informal garden and I simply love type cottage-garden-flowers if you understand what I mean.
    Lots of hugs from Lene from Lillehammer (o;

  12. Your garden is looking fantastic Joanne. I am sure that you will soon find your way round your new camera. You are already taking some excellent shots. Have fun at Hampton Court - I am most envious !

  13. Hi Joanne, your new camera is doing an excellent job of showing the beauty of your gardens. Love the lushness, it looks well cared for to these eyes, and the captures are wonderful, the colors bright and the definition good. I have been tryiing to learn more about my new camera, but am not doing very well with it. Maybe some classes of some kind would help.

  14. Joanne, you have lovely, cozy, inviting garden!

  15. Joanne the camera is taking wonderful pictures but I don't think it need to do much with the beautiful gardens you have for it to work with! I just sit here and drool everytime I come and see your pictures. Oh to have gardens like yours!

  16. I thought you already took really good pictures! I have a Canon SX110 IS. It takes some good macro shots. -Jackie

  17. Hi Joanne,

    As ever your garden looks lovely. It's a true cottage style and has such a romantic English garden feel to it.

    Your committment to improve your photos and blogging is an inspiration.

    I'll content myself watching Hampton Court on TV, 'till I see your great photos of course.

  18. We are going to Hampton Court on Friday, so I am tempted to visit your blog for a sneak peek. Enjoy...

  19. Lene I am flattered that you wish to put me on your blog list.
    Anna Thank you I just hope it is not wet on Wednesday.
    Francis Thank you for now I will try and understand the basics and maybe whilst my daughter is on summer break i might be able to pin her down to give me some advise.
    Tatyana Nice description I like that.
    Hi Ellie Mae yes you do take some great Macro shots.
    Rob thanks as ever for the encouragement. Just watched a bit of Hampton Court tonight. It is the small gardens that tend to attract my interest, more plants per square metre usually and less expanse of structure. I am looking forward to Wednesday's visit.

  20. Reap what you grow Have fun on Friday but can't promise to post in time before you go.

  21. Looks like you've hours of fun ahead playing with your new toy :)

    Have a great day at Hampton Court tomorrow.

  22. Hi Joanne, I just wanted to be sure that you knew the originator of Mish Mash Monday was Monica of Garden Faerie's Musings, found here:
    so a proper link could be inserted. She has not posted a monday mish mash this week it seems, but would appreciate the mention, I am sure, having met her at Chicago.

    Have fun with you daughter!

  23. Your garden looks not only beautiful but interesting. I get the impression it has lots of secret corners, which is the sort of garden I love. Have a great time at Hampton Court!

  24. VP yes it will keep me busy for many hours so much more fun than housework.
    Frances Thanks I will bare that in mind if I decide to use it.I must check her blog out too.
    I wonder if my daughter will ring and advise me on settings when she reads my Thunderstorm Tuesday post.
    Victoria The camera is kind yes there are lots of corners many of which I have plans for, one day. I am however gradually catching up on the last few years of ground elder and bindweed being left unchecked.

  25. And this was before the rain? Everything looks beautiful in your garden.
    My waterlily also struggling - man at the aquatic plants centre in Wyevales suggested repotting in fresh compost or adding ordinary slow release flower food pellets. He said they are vry like any plants, i.e. need feeding and nourishment. I did it about six weeks ago tho and they still aren't flowering...

  26. SC Thanks I will bare that in mind. The reason it is struggling now is that the dog dug it out earlier in the year.

  27. The number of plants and pots you have are now made more visible... definitely with the help of the new gadget..... Oh, looking at your garden, yours is massive!! as compared to ours... haha.
    Happy gardening,
    ~ bangchik

  28. I too bought the G10 Joanne - very pleased too.

    You have a lovely garden:-0)



  29. Hello from beautiful British Columbia, Canada! Your garden is stunning. It looks like a wonderful place to lose a day or two in!


  30. What a plant packed garden Joanne! Great pics and plenty of scope to practise with your new camera... enjoy it :-D

  31. Hi Joanne, I read your post when you published it, but never left a comment to tell you how much I enjoyed it. You have such a lovely garden, and you really captured it with your photos. I enjoyed looking at all of the wonderful details in our garden. There's something interesting everywhere you look.