Saturday, 4 July 2009


I have been thinking about buying a better camera for some time. My Macro shots had improved but I couldn't get the detail I wanted in a garden shot. When I was at Wisley on Tuesday I got chatting to a photographer who was doing aerial shots of one of the small gardens. His advice finally helped me to make up my mind, that and the lovely photos I see on so many blogs and my disappointment with some of my Wisley photos. So I ordered a Canon Power Shot G10.

The hanging basket is doing an ok job of disguising the water butt and the petunias smell of vanilla in the evening.

I had to say snaps because for now that is the best I can do. I am just getting my head round the basics as quickly as possible because I am off to Hampton Court RHS show on Wednesday and I do want to do my best with my new camera.

I think these of my garden are an improvement but haven't had time to look too hard at before and after photos. Yes I have been weeding the path again and re sanding still a bit yellow but surprising how quickly it fades. I am hoping the builders sand will discourage more weeds but some are real toughies.

It has taken me hours to figure out how to resize for my blog but hopefully when you click on the image they should get bigger. I love that we live so close to the woods they give such protection from prevailing winds as well as making a lovely back drop and afording us with a greater variety of bird life. We had been watching the bats the other evening and an owl flew by.

It certainly picked out the detail of a columbine, white flower that is creeping up my Prince Charles, he doesn't seem to mind but I did and columbine is now beheaded.

These roses over 30 years old left from the previous owner perform so well every year although in this hot weather they loose so many of their leaves.

I had a good weed of the ground elder along this bed and under the seat so am now ready with systemic weed killer for any more that pops it's head up. Dare I say the columbine has not as yet got along here.
With a female dog I am afraid the grass is always a casualty.
Pity it isn't a real duck as I would have no problems with slugs or snails. After we looked after a duck for a friend for only two weeks we did not have a slug and snail problem for several years.

A peaceful corner in this hot weather.

The famous hip bath from Naughty Dog Disasters. The water lily is still struggling.

This is my Five Jasmines seat.

My Jacoranda trees are doing ok and just by the back door I can keep a close eye on them.

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