Monday 23 June 2014


Photos of my roses planted in the vegetable garden, taken May and June, you will have to imagine that wonderful smell.

I view down the garden with various roses grown on tripods due to limited space.

Blush Rambler with Rosa Mundi to the left.

Cornelia rose trained up a tripod gives another dimension and lots of flowers - the beauty being it repeat flowers through until December.

Cecile Brunner such a dainty flower and dainty pink with such perfect shaped buds. This is a cutting from a dear neighbour Christina, many years ago.

One of many David Austin roses I have Cottage rose - such a delightful pretty flowere again a dainty pink and dainty perfume.

Such a beauty I couldn't resist a second photo of Cottage rose.

Falstaff so successful with such a big flower head it sometimes struggles to hold it's head up especially with inclement weather. But as with many of the deep red roses the perfume is so heady.

Sweet Juliet

Francine Austin another David Austin rose one that I really struggled with until I learnt not to prune it but to let it grow up a tripod. I have successfully taken cuttings from this rose which now do well.

The Garland does as it's name suggests and needs to be allowed to climb high in the trees. Note to Mike do not prune hard!

Rosa Gallica Officinalis a sucker from my Dad's garden and from which many plants now around my garden but beware the suckers run everywhere and not always where wanted.

Edward Elgar rose

Rosa Mundi I missed photographing this at her best. Another plant a sucker taken from my Dad's garden.

Blush Rambler thank you David Austin this is one of about 15 ramblers I have and all do extremely well a veritable bonanza of blossoms and all are easy to strike cuttings from so their progeny adorn gardens of neighbours, friends and family.

Crocus Rose a real delight  I have had difficulty finding and growing a good white rose or nearly white rose except for the floribunda or rambler types.

Sweet Juliet a month later than the first photo another bonanza of flowers. Again grown on a tripod.

And again can't you just bury your face in these lovely roses and soak up that smell. Wonderful!

Then Mayor of Casterbridge again grown on a tripod for best effect and space but what a reward.

Francis E Lester is a wonderful rambler I only get a peak of it my garden due to not a very good position I have it growing in, but it has found it's way over the wall and up the neighbours tree where it flowers it's heart out - this time lent not borrowed landscape, but I seriously must try to train it better on this side of the wall.

Noble Anthony aptly named.

Francine Austin again a month later.

New Dawn such a sweat flower again that dainty pink. This is happy in quite shady conditions and is a cutting from the one I have in the front garden - the first rose I bought for the garden 32 years ago. Now I must have 80+ roses.