Thursday 15 July 2021


A view up the garden from the bottom steps next to the greenhouse.
Cottage rose on the left.

White Francine Austin. Catmint is Six Hills Giant lots of cuttings taken from the first two plants I bought. This is just the start of flowering.

Cottage rose with Cornelia in the next bed then Cecile Brunner. The bamboo canes are for the runner and climbing beans.

Now a view down the garden and sorry about the hose pipe and weeds I wasn't up to setting the scene.

A better view of Cornelia.

One of my favourite roses Rosa Mundi.

William Shakespeare has the most heavenly scent.

Francine Asustin

Francis E Leicester always difficult to photograph, I never do it justice.

Mayor of Casterbridge with Geranium Magnificum

A view across the garden looking south.

Sweet Juliet 

Blush Rambler

Crocus Rose

This is in the garden surrounding the grass. A new rose St Swithun.

Princess Alexandra of Kent sent to me by a dear friend Katrina .

England's Rose has flowered really well this year. 

I am very belated in posting this but since recovering from chemo life has been very busy, although not a lot of energy for much gardening, I have been catching up on my new hobby of spinning wool.
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