Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Hoheria Sexstylosa is a real beauty. Not commonly seen in gardens but well worth considering if you have the space. Described as a large evergreen shrub or small tree. Large honey -scented white flowers late summer, arching growth. Light green toothed leaves. Best in full sun and sheltered position.
Four years ago thinking that I wouldn't garden as I had I decided to get Mike to plant up various shrubs and trees thinking that it would make life easier for Mike. I had looked specially for shrubs flowering in July always a dull time after the first flush of roses and before the second.

I realised it would grow to quite a size but at my age wasn't really too bothered but I hadn't realised that it would grow so quickly or take up such a depth of space. Clearly it is not in a good position because already this year I have had to prune bits off it which had overgrown surrounding plants. However it is glorious for now and time will tell how well we manage it.

My intention was to screen the view at the back from the housing estate we overlook. It has done that very well and also is making a useful structure for the odd clematis. Surprise surprise.
Near bye I have a Eucryphia Nymansensis which is not flowering yet and a smaller Eucryphia Lucida a most delightful shrub which has nearly finished flowering. I showed this in my Trees in my garden post. All three are useful for getting flowers at this in between time of the year.


  1. That is really a beautiful tree/shrub. I've never heard of it. Those white flowers look so cool and refreshing in the heat of summer. I am learning to appreciate white flowers.

  2. I love the photo with the fence and flowers flowing all around. Nice!

  3. Ooooooh that is lovely! I will go to find a picture of the euchrypia too, I missed several.

  4. It looks beautiful spilling over your fence!


  5. I agree with Carolyn, it looks great spilling over the fence.

    I must google this shrub now! It's new to me.

  6. Thanks for the comments glad you enjoyed the Hoheria

  7. Hi Joanne
    I think I have a clematis!!
    this poor sad plant was in a pot with other plants which a friend brought to
    me from her sister's garden. I can't bear to let something die that has
    tried so hard to live so now it is trying to grow beside the garage.
    little stalks each about as thick as a tine on a fork, most are 6" tall but
    one is almost 2 feet.
    See what you did - you got me "Clematisised"!!
    I wonder if it will have time and strength to flower this year so I can get
    you to identify it for me!!

  8. Alison do be careful it is infectious. Hopefully of the painless kind. I expect there may be one or two flowers left for you when you visit in September.

  9. Hiya Joanne,
    That one grows a lot faster. I shall have to give it a go.
    Nothing personal in my blocking you: I repel all boarders :-)

  10. i planted an hoheria 6 yrs ago. the flowers are spectacular when out. I really must find a way of curbing it a bit or it will take over my 6 meters from the house, how far do the roots spread, anyone know? my name is Irene

  11. Hi Irene
    Yes they are spectacular and the one I have is evergreen which is a bonus although it can grow to 60' I think I read.

    However there are lots of different ones.

    I prune mine quite aggressively.