Monday, 27 July 2009


This Hydrangea grown from a cutting it is doing very well.

Evening Primrose is encouraged to self sow in these beds. It is worth growing a few just to be able to smell their lovely perfume. On the left is an artichoke which we leave for ornamental purposes. I can't be bothered with how fiddly they are to eat but they do have a lovely sort of asparagus flavour.

The hanging baskets on the door step are getting very long and the perfume is lovely in the evenings.

Yes there is a water butt under this hanging basket.

Last but not least a beautiful Eucryphia. This is a very columnar tree and so can be made room for in a sunny protected position. Ultimately it can reach about 60' but it is very slow growing. Leylandii can also reach that height and look how many people grow them. I know which I prefer.