Monday, 27 July 2009


This Hydrangea grown from a cutting it is doing very well.

Evening Primrose is encouraged to self sow in these beds. It is worth growing a few just to be able to smell their lovely perfume. On the left is an artichoke which we leave for ornamental purposes. I can't be bothered with how fiddly they are to eat but they do have a lovely sort of asparagus flavour.

The hanging baskets on the door step are getting very long and the perfume is lovely in the evenings.

Yes there is a water butt under this hanging basket.

Last but not least a beautiful Eucryphia. This is a very columnar tree and so can be made room for in a sunny protected position. Ultimately it can reach about 60' but it is very slow growing. Leylandii can also reach that height and look how many people grow them. I know which I prefer.


  1. That hydrangea is beautiful!! And I love your hanging baskets. I have artichoke on my list of plants to try. I dont know that I will eat it, but I need to see how it grows and looks.

  2. Your hydrangea does look beautiful! I've got a one myself that hasn't bloomed since I bought it 2 years ago - and I'm so careful not to cut the old wood and it's in a good spot as far as sun is concerned... I just can't figure out why it isn't blooming because it has all the right conditions. Well I guess I'll just have to enjoys yours. -Jackie

  3. How long ago did that hydrangea come from a cutting? It's so full of flowers! I always love how petunias smell in the evening too. It's looking beautiful there!

  4. It has been soooo boring with no news about your garden
    I hope your Dad is doing better and you will soon be up to speed with your garden and helping Lyme victims
    hugs from
    Ali n' the cats

  5. I love how exuberantly Hydrangeas flower. You have got a good return on the blossoms from your cutting. There are lots of interesting views around your garden, so pretty and full of flowers.

  6. Looks Beautiful Joanne

    Evening Primrose seems to grow wild all over the place over here and your post reminds me that I'm going to forage some seed to sow .

  7. Love the hanging basket! So full and beautiful!

  8. To say that hydrangea is doing well is a total understatement. It is awesome!