Saturday 25 July 2009


Yes this is a finger post for a public footpath. One that was acquired quite legitimately as Mike retrieved it from a skip at work, along with the lovely sign on the gate.

Rather hidden by the foliage yes it is another finger post for a public footpath.

I am fond of the little water fountain and I love the sound of trickling water but actually the silly thing is the mushroom in the pot on the right. I found them at Columbia Road market when I went earlier in the year.

Another one here very realistic looking they are ceramic.

The last but not least.

I also found the little metal birds at the market and they were very cheap. The green ball was a gift and sometimes it is difficult to find the right place to put them. We will ignore the self sown lavatera in the alpine sink.


  1. Love the footpath signs and gate sign. Funny how one person's waste is another's treasure. We have begun our lives as skip divers now ;)

  2. I'm working on acquiring more silly things for my yard. Whimsy brings smiles to faces -- and we need more smiles in our lives!

  3. Yes, I do agree that its the silly things that brighten up our lives.

  4. I love those types of things in the garden, it gives it character.

  5. Thanks for your comments I quite agree the silly things make us smile.

  6. Oh I love little bijoux things like that. Especially your gate notice. That is so cool! Val

  7. I like the mushrooms.

    It's years since I went to Columbia road market.

    Ah, how I could handle the early morning hustle and bustle.

  8. Hiya Joanne,
    I love bits and pieces throughout the garden. In our own it is often a case of "Shall we throw this out or keep it?" and then it stays around and mellows/rusts nicely.

    Now, I am talking old Z-beds and triangular baths in bright yellow. Your collection seems far more artistic and acceptable. I still remember your silk anemone :-)