Sunday, 26 July 2009


I have been having such fun with my new camera. I took some video pictures but it has taken days to figure out how to load them onto blogger and which program my computer will use.

I have learnt lots such as not to turn the camera on it's side Hmm!

I have also learnt how to cut out the sideways bits! and also to cut so blogger can download.

I have needed to cut, to get rid of the motor bike noise on one section.

Such a steep learning curve now I will spend many happy hours improving my shots. Oh such fun!

Does my voice really sound like that how strange and how pronounced my northern accent is even though I moved south 40 years ago.


  1. You know you have a habit when basic functions, such as getting in and out of your home, are hampered by the enormous and extremely happy hanging basket!

    Keep up the god work!


  2. Hi Joanne

    I watched them all. Love your front garden.

    Did I see a Japenese Anemone in bloom?


  3. What great fun. Might have been easier to upload them to YouTube but I enjoyed them and a lovely garden.

  4. I enjoyed the overview of your front garden that the movies give. They emphasize the lush plantings and the space. Your large driveway is practically hidden.

  5. Fascinating Joanne. I must see if I can figure out how to inset videos. I've been meaning to do so for ages and now you've inspired me. Your videos were very good! Val

  6. Thanks for your comments.
    Rob no I have tried and tried to get Japanese anenome to grow silly really but always dig up at the wrong time anyway I now have some in a pot from my Dad's garden and doing ok so next year I will allow it to join the thugs in the garden when it is stronger.
    Hermes I hadn't thought of U tube something else to master one day.
    Northern shade thanks.
    Valeri Hi yes fun but lots more for me to learn. I have just enjoyed your post starting with Trago. I always miss Falmouth when I see your blog so it is lovely to tour around with you.

  7. Joanne, its been fun touring with you eversince you had your new camera.You are learning fast. I can feel the excitement just by following your posts. The videos are interesting too.

  8. Oh what fun to see your garden! thanks for sharing the joy.

  9. Hi Joanne
    Cool videos. I see Beth kept out of the picture!!
    I can not hear your northern accent!! which part of the north?? Don't know if I told you I am a Geordie, though you might have guessed that from my "name" on eurolyme!! so next time we meet please tell me I still sound like one

  10. I loved your video and hearing your voice. What a great shot of the butterfly! Your garden is so pretty and full. I loved your comment about the bare soil and how it would be covered soon enough. That's exactly how I think :)

  11. I enjoyed your videos Joanne!
    Thanks for sharing!


  12. Joanne the video's are great and the garden beautiful. I love the sound of the church bells in the background, perfect !
    I have a large wild corner full of pink japanese anenomes that I can't seem to reduce. I did try digging them all up as they have got unruly, but they returned, and I'm glad as I like them again now. I will post a photo on my blog as they are flowering now.

  13. That was fun! I loved the videos...but have no idea how to edit them...must learn how! gail

  14. Thanks for your comments. Maureen I wondered if anyone would comment on the church bells. I did another video after this one but as I had to cut to get on blogger I decided the one with the church bells was the nicer.
    I am off to visit Dad for a couple of weeks and will not have access to a computer so I will miss all your lovely posts.
    The garden will be in safe hands because Mike will be at home to take care of things.

  15. These videos were very charming, a great success I'd say. Your garden is beautiful and your love of your garden carries through your voice. One of the things that I liked most of all were the church bells in the background and the bit of bird song in the background.

    It all gave a most enjoyable visit with you in your garden.

  16. Oh what fun! You've very steady hands, some people take videos which make the viewer sea-sick! And the 'silly things' are not at all silly; more funky!

  17. Joanne,
    can't find an email contact for you. Have you seen this article today in the NY Times:


  18. That's wonderful... Love to see those video pictures... You have nice camera... Plants are looking beautiful!!

  19. What fun! You are ahead of me in the learning curve. I've had my camera since December, and just a few weeks ago, figured out how to make a video. I still haven't figured out how to put it on my blog, though. I think I started to try to figure it out, then forgot about it. I'll have to try again.

    I enjoyed strolling around your yard with you. Thanks for the tour!