Tuesday 21 July 2009


Just a selection of flowers in flower in the garden in July. Just in case you think I can only drool over clematis and roses.


  1. Beautiful selection of flowers and plants...
    you must have a gazillion of them !

  2. What a beautiful posy of flowers. I love the way you managed to include the bees.

  3. Hi Joanne. Beautiful blooms.

    I like your Agapanthus. I'm guessing you keep them in pots.

    Cosmos and calendula, other favourites of mine.

    They all look well together in that last photo.

  4. Beautiful flowers Joanne. I just loving coming to your gardens.

  5. Wow, look at all those pretties! I thought the dahlias were my favorites until I saw the pink flowers toward the end. Are they phlox? They remind me of hydrangeas, but the leaves look like phlox to me. Are the blue flowers agapanthus? I recently potted a couple plants up, but they haven't bloomed yet. I've never grown them before, so I don't know when to expect blooms here in Nebraska.

    I enlarged your last photo. You have a beautiful cottage garden!

    I also just read about your experiences with lyme disease. I'm so glad you got a diagnosis and the antibiotic treatments have helped you so much.

  6. Beautiful blooms. I love the color of your phlox.

  7. I just LOVE your garden! It's exactly how I would want my garden to be when it grows up -- if it ever does. LOL -Jackie

  8. Your flowers are so attractive and deliciouse, the bees are having a great time in your garden. Lots of bee balm, I guess.

  9. Hi Joanne! You certainly have a little piece of paradize there! The last picture shows how cozy and inviting your garden is! Thanks for your comments on my blog, I'm always glad to see your name. That fish was heavy. It will be smoked, and I've already made caviar. Now, I'm back to gardening... and cleaning... and washing.... and... I want back to Alaska!

  10. Hi Thanks for all your posts.
    Rob yes most of my agapanthus I grow in pots and over winter in a cold green house. You should try it I know you like plants in pots. I move them around so when my lillies finnish I put the agapanthus in their place.
    Hi Sue nice of you to pop by. I suspect you too will need to protect your agapanthus in winter but they are very rewarding hopefully yours will flower next year takes time to settle in.
    Yes Lyme Disease was terrible which is why I so obsessively go on about it. If it stops just one person getting it or helps just one person to a diagnosis then it is worth all the obsessing.
    Jackie That made me laugh when your garden grows up.
    Autumn belle yes we do get lots of bees in the garden but not surprising with lots of flowers.
    Tatyana Hi just seen your lovely Alaska post.