Sunday 4 August 2019


Another year with glorious hanging baskets thanks to the diligence of Mike, watering daily and feeding once a week. Surfinia petunias are always very successful.

We lost our Laburnum tree last year and so for now an oleander in a pot has been replacing it just behind this gate post.

The left gate post behind which is our neighbours delightfull flint cottage. The dogs water bowl has daily visitors with their owners of course.

Right gate post and a glimpse of the woods beyond.

The left hanging basket by the front door in competition with a tree fern.

The right hanging basket by the front door is in rather a shady position but still puts on a good show and geranium in pots below.

This is the hanging basket at the back door ignore the water but and washing line.

This lovely fuschia came from one of last years hanging baskets and flowered in a pot right into the winter months in the back porch and after pruning has put on a glorious show again this year.

A glimpse across the front garden with my neighbours Acanthus taking back stage.

Sophie's Rose putting on a glorious display as always.

Crocosmia looking good just starting to flower as the Phlox comes into flower.

One of several hardy Fuchsia bushes in the foreground with some pink but mainly white phlox. Years ago I think all these phlox were mainly pink but seem to have changed to white these days.