Thursday, 2 April 2009

Lovely time in the Garden

I have been having a lovely time in the garden. I forked out the bed after Mike did the digging and I planted out some new strawberry plants. I have also forked over the Delphinium patch next to this and replaced with more plants I had grown from seed last year.

This morning I have for the second time this year weeded the Asparagus patch. It was full of Aqueligia seedlings, which I have saved and may find a home for them in the front garden where they seem not to be as plentiful as I'd like. I also pulled out or broke off as many wild garlic seedlings as I could. The smell was lovely and whenever I do this I think of Jane a friend of many years who gave me a plant years ago and advised me to remove the seedlings that were growing in the pot. I said they would be nice in what was at that time a herb bed. She warned me I would regret it and as always Jane was right. However I have a lovely red Flower Carpet rose that Jane also gave me that she grew from a cutting and it flowers beautifully as well as having provided me with many cuttings and several other plants dotted around the garden and in pots.

As all three beds are covered with twigs to keep my neighbours cat off, why they can't c--p in their owners gardens annoys me intensely, I decided to post a photograph of my Pleonies which are doing nicely in the greenhouse.


  1. Since my very short visit to your home and garden, I can almost smell the flowers as I look at the picures on your blog!!
    I love the fact that you have found a way of adding Lyme info to your blog.
    Hopefully by spreading the word people will realise that there IS a worldwide problem with the recognition, testing, diagnosis and testing of this NASTY disease and that this will soon be rectified.

  2. Thanks Alison.
    I hope you carry on enjoying the garden blog.

    I also hope the new treatment from out LLMD being a bit more aggressive than you were on will help you get on top of your Lyme Disease sooner than I was able to do.

  3. Hi Joanne

    Weeding out Aqueligia seedlings from the Asparagus bed. Goodness me, this is my kind of weeding.

    I hope you post up the Delphiniums.


  4. Isn't it great to get out in the garden. I hope your aqueligias grow in the front for you. May I ask what the pretty pink flowers are?

  5. Greetings Joanne. I am so glad I found you via "Roses" blog this evening on Blotanical. I really enjoyed your blog and looking forward to coming back again for a visit. So sorry to hear you were inflicted with Lyme Disease and have suffered for so long, but happy to hear for you that you are feeling so much better. Going to have a better look at your blog now. Actually although I am enjoying it so much it makes me a wee bit homesick for England, but also brings back beautiful memories of it and of our adorable black and white Springer, Patrick and the three before him. Sadly been without him for almost five years. Looking forward to coming back again. Cheers! Pauline

  6. Rob if you have chance to look at post February 09 the tour round the garden shows some of my Delphiniums. Hopefully I will have a good show again this year.

    I think you mean the ones in the green house Catherine they are Pleonies which I think are like a terrestial orchid. They will grow outside but I am such an untidy gardener that anything precious I tend to grow in pots. There were some of these in the Alpine house in my trip to RHS Wisley I think mine are looking just as nice.

    Pauline nice of you to join me I look forward to seeing your blog but must dash into town with a package of plants for a friend who has moved house and is trying to stock up her garden.I dare say there will be the occassional phot of Beth our springer as she is usually in the garden with me.

  7. Hi, I love the RHS Wisley post and photo's. We go there very often as my son lives in Cobham. I love it there. Trouble is I always end up spending too much. Did you visit when the butterflies were there ? I haven't had time to look at your post properly. I am just taking a break from gardening all day, so possibly you have a post on the butterlies ?
    happy blogging
    maureen :)

  8. Joanne, your flowers are fantastic and greenhouse to die for! Looks huge, you said something about the display greenhouse - do you have more than one?
    Your post about Lyme Disease was very informative and I'm sorry to hear you suffered for so long. But thrilled that you have it under control and are feeling so well. That must be so great for you after all of that pain for so long. I can really understand all the pain you went through as I have horrible back problems. After years of tests, surgery, and you name it my surgeon who did my last surgery informed me that I have advanced Scoliosis. Had one of the other doctors been kind enough to tell me this years ago it could have been taken care of but it's to late now. I'm slow in the garden but just keep puttering and taking lots of breaks and eventually I get it done! ;-)
    Anyway I'm so very happy for you and all you are able to do now. I'll be back to go all through your wonderful blog. Gonna do some more looking now too!

  9. Oops I see the greenhouses were in the Wisley post. Guess I got confused there and thought when reading this post you had some.

  10. Hi Maureen thanks for posting a comment. I guess we are fairly near neighbours then if you are in Hampshire. Chobham is a nice area and it is lovely to be close to RHS Wisley.We grow vegetables in our garden since I gave up my allotment but I will wait until things grew a bit before posting any photos of them.

    Hi Rain Gardener
    I thought you would realise when you had more time to look. I wish I had a greenhouse full like Wisley. You'll understand why I can't get excited about your deer photo I used to get annoyed about them eating my tender shoots on the roses but since my struggle with Lyme Disease I am afraid I can't help associate the sight of them with pain even though I know the ticks live on all mammals and the Borrelia doesn't come from the deer I still can't help nashing my teeth when I see a deer.

  11. Hi Joanne, Thanks for taking a look at my blog. I came back to have another look at yours, and I was amazed at what you have gone through before being rightfully diagnosed with Lyme disease. I am so glad you are now on the mend and able to do more. It must be nice to grow your vegetables in your garden, I did consider it, but put the summerhouse in the space instead. Mind you I do love the social aspect of allotmenteering, everyone is so friendly there. Enjoy the rest of the week-end.
    maureen :)

  12. Maureen
    Thanks. There are prose and cons for both allotmenting and growing veg in the garden. I like to be able to pop down for something to come back to the kitchen with without too much effort. Mike is quite a private person and does not enjoy the socialising on the allotment. When we had one I was only one of two women amongst all the older guys. They were good to us, now there are many women I notice as I pass.
    I used to cycle to my allotment and after the exercise the free wheel back home always gave me such a boost very uplifting. My problem was I never had time or energy to get the garden under control. Now I am really able to go for it.

  13. Hi, Joanne,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm so happy for you that you can enjoy your garden and live a normal life again, I'm sure your story will help many others. I enjoyed my visit here, will come again for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Rosy
    Thanks for those kind words, yes life is a joy and I don't know what gardeneing job to do first.
    I look forward to seeing more of your blog.