Thursday, 9 April 2009

Thanks to Carolyn

I apologise for having to re post but some cranky posted an welcome comment.

Just to say thank you to Carolyn for inspiring me to have a go with SLIDE.

The rose photographs were snapped over recent years not intended for public view but hopefully I will improve with my photography, it is certainly easier with a digital camera.

The sunsets are often beautiful to see with the house being higher than the ground behind. It is hard to imagine there is a housing estate in the foreground.

It's been wet outside today and this was far more fun than housework but I think it has stopped so I might just pop down the garden and finish a job I started two days ago.


  1. That was meant to be UN welcome comment

  2. Well, I will recomment because I want to make sure you know how pretty I thought your slide shows are. Your roses are beautiful, I wish mine looked that nice :) Hope you did make it back out in the garden today.

  3. Hi Joanne, I think I commented on your slide this morning that I saw in yesterdays post. It's such a nice big one I went to check them out. The sunset was beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Maybe it didn't make it on here. ;-)

  4. Hi I am sorry I had to remove the post earlier and lost the comments. Someone had left a very lengthy rambling and strange but unwanted post anonymously.

    It made me cross but then on second thoughts I felt rather sad that their health is so screwed up.

    During my lengthy research into Lyme Disease I have found that infection including Borrelia can be a major cause of mental illness although it is rarely considered as a differential diagnosis.

    Some infections can take many months of antibiotics to get on top of them in line with Syphillis and TB especially if they have crossed the blood brain barrier.

    Now you think I am cranky too but there is much interesting research available on line.

    Thanks for all your kind remarks and glad you enjoyed my slides.

  5. Hi, this is my first visit to your site. It's very fine. I especially appeciate your slide show, the content, as well as the effort in putting it together. I had a very difficult time of it, the slideshow presentation, that is, on my blog. ;)

  6. Hi Claudia
    Thanks for dropping by.
    I left a message on your Slide show.
    Glad you enjoyed my slide show.

  7. Thanks Joanne,
    i love your site.
    good health to all.