Wednesday, 29 April 2009


The day started off alright. It is always uplifting to look out to the woods and watch the trees getting greener by the day nearly.
Today Mike arranged to hire a shredder so he could reduce the volume of the compost heaps. A simple task one would think. Well there was one problem after another and having taken the shredder back for repair and then another trip because the extension lead wasn't right, he finally managed to get it working by lunch time only to go off to work, I was expecting him to have the day off, silly me.
So I decided to have a go. I didn't make much impact before stopping for lunch although I'd been going for an hour. When I returned the ---thing wouldn't stay running but kept cutting out.
In my endeavours to get it going I stood on the plug and broke it so that was that, I wasn't going to risk any more damage.
I then decided to take it out on the ground elder which has really taken over in the front garden. It makes me want to weep it is so bad, the only consolation being the fact I can actually get down to do it once more and the lovely perfume from the Wisteria.
The last disaster for the day was Beth's doing.
We returned from our walk with her in proud possession of a ball she had found. We have a cupboard full, she doesn't get to keep them long and this is one reason why.
I sat down for a cup of tea and was enjoying looking at Francis blog The Fairegarden, her photography is stunning. I turned to see Beth soaking wet and covered in mud rolling on the carpet! What a mess. She had come in with wet feet all over the kitchen floor and all on the carpet.
I feared the worst and yes she had been pursuing her favourite past time of dunking her ball in the hip bath and going in feet first to try and get it out which of course she rarely manages. Instead she dug out my new water lily which was only planted a week ago. She had knocked over pots of lilies and hostas in her eagerness to get to the ball.
So all in all not the best of days, but Mike did get the shredder going and we did a bit more late afternoon and well tomorrow's another day.
Hear she is after she'd dried off a bit on my carpet!


  1. She has such a guilty look on her face. She's obviously had a lecture or two. Does it stop her from repeating it again :)?

  2. Oh my - what a naughty doggy - but that picture makes me smile. I suppose might to the same for you after you are further away from this day. I hate days like you have had - where very litle seems to go right! But remember - the trees are green and tomorrow is another day :-D

  3. I have just found your blog and your Beth would love to meet my dog Kenzo (he is a 5mth Malt x shih tzu) - we are going into winter here and Kenzo loves to dig and a muddy dig is even better!
    After a long day in the garden and then to cop a dirty dog is the pits! LOL
    What is ground elder? Sounds shocking .

  4. Northern Shade No she doesn't learn she has a small head and a very tiny brain! Not helped by Mike spoiling her.

    Melanie Hi thank you for commenting on my blog. I have not seen much of Beth this morning perhaps she realises she's not in favour. I have long since given up on chastising her for this sort of thing she has little comprehension.

    Lady jicky Thank you for commenting on my blog. Yes mud and dogs often goes hand in hand I just didn't see this one coming. Hmm Ground Elder has a sort of star shaped leaf. It grows by sending out runners about 10cm below ground so can be dug out easily but it has a tendancy to break and each section can then start into another plant. It also gets entwined in other plants and under paving. If I manage to get ontop of it a bit I will then use systemic weed killer selectively where I can't remove it. With having Lyme Disease I have not been able to garden for some yaers and so it has become very invasive. Mike does his best but hasn't been able to do everything.

  5. The expression 'butter wouldn't melt...' comes to mind.

    You could always try running the mower over some of the compost stuff, I know those that do.


  6. Haha! I have a dog that would love to play with your dear Beth. My Calie has looked almost the exact same after a crazy day in the garden. I always say if I get another dog it's going to be the color of dirt so at least I don't know when it's dirty.


  7. Sounds like my Ellie Mae! She's done that to my white sofa! YIKES! She also loves to rub her face in dead frogs! YUK! Well she keeps me on my toes. --Jackie

  8. Beth's pretty cute! What breed or mix is she? I dropped by to say that I am in the middle of Margery Fish's wonderful book right now! Saw your comment about it at Emily's blog. A real treat. I hope sometime you'll do a post about it.

  9. Hi Rob
    Yes we have resorted to the mower on occassions for the compost however due to me not being able to actively garden for some years things were rather overgrown and Mike and I have had a really big drastic pruning in the Autumn and spring so with two and a half 6' high compost heaps it needed drastic action quick.

    The shredded stuff has been used on the paths between the veg beds always useful and although Mike only shredded about 1/3, it is now a more manageable size so won't keep the light from the courgettes which are grown on last years compost before it is dispersed around the garden. Normaly things work well and most prunings decompose within this two year cycle the larger bits are useful on the fire.

    Melanie Thanks for your comment.I can cope with Beth looking dirty but not when it's on my carpet thankfully it dries and hoovers quite well.

    Ellie Mae nice of you to comment. Not so sure I like the dead frogs sound so we must count our blessings then!

    DP thanks for your comment I hope it's Margery Fish We Made a Garden some of her other books get too technical for me, but doesn't she have a lovely way of talking about her garden.
    I hope you enjoy the read I must read again soon.
    Hmm food for thought I am not sure if I have any photos of her garden but it is something for my list of blogs in the future.

  10. Hi Joanne, thanks for the link love! But so sorry about your Beth and her shenanigans. Yuck! We bought a large shredder machine when we lived on an acre at our first TN house, and it was always acting up. But when it was working, it really did the job! We sold it when we sold the house and I wasn't sorry about it. The house yes, the shredder, not so much. :-)

  11. Cute post Joanne. I know it wasn't funny to you but a great read! I hate days like that but you'll laugh later!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and giving your wonderful advice and support.

  12. Hi Frances
    Nice of you to drop by. I have so enjoyed your photography.

    The shreding was finished and the machine now gone I am so pleased we did not buy one. As I said to Rob we are unlikely to need one on a regular basis.

    Rain Gardener Thanks I had hoped it would give some of you a laugh. The joys of keeping a dog!

  13. Hello Joanne, good to meet you. I've come from EB's blog. My blog name is BT-The Crafty Gardener! I'm sorry you had a bit of a disastrous day! Jim (my husband) and I have had 2 shredders and both of them have been a waste of time and space. I really think it has to be a big industrial strength one to work well. I'm not a bit fan of them but can see why you need it.
    Our 'compost heap' if you can call it that, started out as a few areas contained within pallets. It's now about 40' long! We do burn the more solid stuff although, here in Ireland, we're not really supposed to. I think if you're thoughtful, they turn a bling eye to it. Otherwise we'd have mountains of the stuff. We have 5 acres but only a fairly small area is traditional 'garden'. We are gradually taming the rest as we can. Do come over to my blog and have a look. I love photography and have some lovely shots of tulips, daffodils and anything else that's about at the moment.
    I've enjoyed seeing your blog and your little dog is gorgeous. He'd be so boring if he was good all the time!!

  14. Hi BT
    Nice of you to stop by I enjoyed seeing your plot.

    I don't think we will need to repeat the shredding day again. I was not impressed it was rather large and heavy to manouver but still not that efficient.

  15. That dear doggie face - you can't stay angry for long, but I do know how infuriating they can be. Happy gardening and I wish you a problem free week - longer if possible!

  16. What a day!! She's so cute I would have a hard time staying mad at her :) Hope the last couple of days have been better!

  17. Hi Catherine
    No point being mad at Beth she is a dog with little brain. Just need to try harder to avoid these skermishes. One way of keeping fit!

  18. I think you need a little break from Beth, heehee! Send her over!

    Phew!! What a day though - I bet you slept well that night, poor Joanne!

  19. Hi Pauline
    Yes I hadn't thought of it quite like that. I will be leaving Mike in charge of watering whilst I am in Lancashire visiting Dad. I am looking forward to seeing his garden as well as him.