Sunday, 26 April 2009


The Wisteria is coming along nicely.

Mike trains it along the gutters which makes a good framework and stops it getting under the tiles.

Such a pity computers can't transmit perfume.

Below the Wisteria is a Banksiae Banksiae rose grown from a cutting taken from the one on the back of the house see following photos.

This gives some indication as to how prolific Banksiae Banksiae is. But it is delightful foliage which keeps a little during the winter. It is also on a SSW facing wall which gets incredibly hot in Summer and too much so for many roses.

The roses of Banksiae Banksiae are really delightful. Sadly with all the pruning we do not get as many as I'd like perhaps I need to find a better way of pruning to produce more flowers.

Just a small job today was tying the Jasmin and Prince Charles Clematis onto the new arch I was struck by the intense blue of the sky contrasting with the Jasmin foliage.