Sunday, 26 April 2009


The Wisteria is coming along nicely.

Mike trains it along the gutters which makes a good framework and stops it getting under the tiles.

Such a pity computers can't transmit perfume.

Below the Wisteria is a Banksiae Banksiae rose grown from a cutting taken from the one on the back of the house see following photos.

This gives some indication as to how prolific Banksiae Banksiae is. But it is delightful foliage which keeps a little during the winter. It is also on a SSW facing wall which gets incredibly hot in Summer and too much so for many roses.

The roses of Banksiae Banksiae are really delightful. Sadly with all the pruning we do not get as many as I'd like perhaps I need to find a better way of pruning to produce more flowers.

Just a small job today was tying the Jasmin and Prince Charles Clematis onto the new arch I was struck by the intense blue of the sky contrasting with the Jasmin foliage.


  1. What an amazing task to prune that wisteria and keep it from pulling things apart!
    And one of my favorite roses is Banksiae Banksiae. I have always thought of the yellow form as 'Lady Banks' rose, but perhaps correctly, it's R. banksiae banksiae. Before moving to California, I'd only seen these roses in photos. But now I come upon R. banksiae lutea around and about on my travels.They hold a certain magic for me, especially when standing before a huge old specimen.

  2. All that wonderful foliage IS delightful! I just love it. It looks spectacular against your beautiful home.


  3. Wow! The are so big! Your wisteria is amazing and I don't know if I've seen a rose so big before. They must love what you're doing for them. It looks like you had beautiful weather there.

  4. Alice Joyce I don't know which needs most pruning I think possibly the Banksiae Banksiae. I have seen the Banksiae Lutea locally grown and have given many I have grown from cuttings from my Banksiae to lots of friends. It takes no time to develop into a big climber.

    Cindy Yes I like it and Mike does a good job pruning several times during the summer but decorating is a nightmare and it gets quite a severe cutting back beforehand but not down to the ground he still keeps the main structure. Possibly due this year.

    Catherine The rose on the back is grown in a smallish hole in the paving on the terrace which is made up with rubble but it must have managed to get its roots through this way down to get at moisture. I do water regularly during the summer but that's more for the benefit of the two clematis growing through it from the same hole.

  5. Hi Joanne

    Well done for raising another rose through a cutting. It gives you proper grennfingers credentials!

    I love your wisteria by the way.


  6. Gorgeous! I'd love to have some wisteria, in fact, I looked at a small plant yesterday while we were at a local nursery. BUT, it's not reallly something 'practical' for our yard. Perhaps if we ever move! Yours looks so lovely...and all the pruning you have to do is worth it:-)

  7. Rob I like taking cuttings and growing from seed but I don't have room for all my prodigy so this year I am thinking of putting a stall (Well actually the sack barrow laid horizontal with trays on) by the gate for people to help themseves or perhaps give to a charity no guesses which one since my battle with Lyme disease. I used to do this years ago and the mums passing with their children on their way to school couldn't believe they could get something free and some just left a small donation on the tray.


    Go on be a devil life's too short, start it in a pot then move to a larger one and then when you move house you can plant it out. My standard white Wisteria was amazing last year I am so sad it died I think during our snow.

  8. Miss Joanne the Wisteria and Lady Banks roses are beautiful !!!! I have a white Wisteria that I treasure and I also have white and yellow lady banks that make my heart skip a beat every year when they start blooming.

    Stop by my blog I have a gift for you.
    Hugs, Cherry

  9. Cherry
    How nice of you to comment. I look forward to seeing your lovely roses and Wisteria.
    I will be looking at your blog but have been rather behind today involved with interesting information on Lyme Disease.

  10. Both wisteria and rose are beautiful - I imagine that painting and decorating is fun :)

  11. Anna Yes Mike does have a difficult time decorating and they do get a good pruning first.

  12. I thought I had commented on your Wisteria and how beautiful it was. Guess I just read it. But it is beautiful. My girlfriend gave me a seed from hers. Sure hope it takes. I don't know where I'll put it but saw that you told Jan to keep it in a pot for a while which is what I will do until I find a home for it!

  13. Hi RainGardener
    Glad you like the Wisteria. It can take a long time from seed and may not ever flower but it is fun trying.

  14. I visited the Cotswolds a couple of years ago and absolutely fell in love with the massive wisteria. I planted a wisteria of my own about 10 years ago but it has gotten shaded out. The trees on either side of it are growing much faster than it can. (And wisteria is supposed to be so rampant.)

    Do you know if it dislikes limey soil? We are on limestone and black clay here in Austin. But the Cotswolds are limey, are they not? At least the honey-colored limestone used in the houses is very similar to what we have here.

    I think the problem is it's not getting enough sun. It hasn't bloomed these last three years.

  15. Hi Mss from Zantham gardens. Thanks for leaving a comment nice of you to join me.
    I just had a quick look at your lovely garden and left a comment about the Wisteria. Yes they do like lots of sun but it may be that it needs lots of water being between two trees. I have known Wisteria to climb Cyprus trees and completel cover with flowers so wants it gets up into the sun who knows?

  16. Sorry I am such a late comer here. But happy to comment at last. Fabulous pictures of your wisteria and your Rosa Banksiae,Banksiae and your beautiful home. We have sadly taken our climbers away from our house including a large arbour that housed two Wisterias and a Clematis Ammandi. That part of our home looks so bare now and I miss all the vegetation and the beautiful blooms. Your wisteria is gorgeous and the rose too. If we had had a differenct facia to our home, it would have been different, but the growth and wood siding do not go together, unfortunately and we had major termite problems but all dealt with now.

    Your photos are great BTW and you can particuarly see how sharp they are when they are enlarged. Good job Joanne!

  17. Hi Pauline nice of you to catch up in your busy life.

    Sorry to hear your termite problems so with wooden facia climbers are an obious no no. However there are lots of other lovely plants in your garden.