Monday, 13 April 2009


In order to make room in the greenhouse I had to move various pots around.
I am hoping the small standard Bay trees will do
better in the front with perhaps not quite so much sun on them.

Similarly I decided to cluster the other pots of Bay and Box together either side of the garage door.

A tidy up by the wall was useful as there were lots of slugs and snails hiding under the leaf litter waiting to help themselves to my Hostas.
I threw the snails into the road then either the birds can eat them or the cars will squash them hopefully before they can get back into the garden.

The little twig in the foreground is a Ginka Tree. I did manage to germinate one from seed but then killed it by letting it get too damp, so eventually treated myself to a seedling from Hampton Court Flower Show a couple of years ago. It is exciting to see the new growth again.

The Hostas are coming along well after all the rain and now sun.


  1. It must definitely be warmer down south - my hostas are only just beginning to unfurl their leaves now :)

  2. Hi Joanne, your pots look lovely and the hosta's look very healthy. Do you have trouble with slugs eating your hosta's I always did, so don't grow them any more. I have a couple of old watering cans like yours, I love old cans and pots around the garden, it adds a little interest.

  3. I love those Hostas, Joanne. What size is your greenhouse? Happy gardening to you :)

  4. Anna

    These hostas are much more forward than my all green ones which I grew from seed collected from Dad's Hostas in Bolton.

  5. Maureen
    Yes I have a big problem with slugs and snails but use slug pellets my only vice! They still manage to shred them by late summer but I intend to wage war this summer now I am well again.


    I have two greenhouses one added onto the back of the other so lots of space but still I have to juggle things.

  6. Wow! Two? So combined how big are they would you say? I have a 6x10, but some day I want to build a 20'x40'!

  7. Tessa
    I think they are 6 x 8 each but a different roof shape but the doors fit well and I have a door at the back that opens although not used for access just air.
    20 x 40 sounds bliss but we'd have to move house and I don't think that would be an option.

  8. Great progress here too. It is so great to see Spring at last and your plants are certainly showing this.
    Thanks again.

  9. Pauline glad you enjoyed them