Monday, 13 April 2009


This morning I decided I wanted to sort out my seeds moving them from lean to, to greenhouse but as always there is so much to re organise to make room.

These are Ailsa Craig tomato plants

The Dahlias have spent winter in the dark in the garage but are beginning to shoot so have been moved into the greenhouse prior to re potting. They are no name as they were grown from seed some years ago.

Tomato plants now in the cold greenhouse, I hope we don't get a hard frost.

The sweet peas and perennial peas have been relegated to the cold frame stand and the old strawberry plants moved to the cold frames with a few other odds and ends.


  1. You sure have a lot of plants! Lots of tomatoes too. I was very lazy last year and didn't dig up my dahlias. I'm hoping some come back. I love them, luckily I do have one that always comes back. Hope my new ones do too.

  2. You have certainly been busy Joanne. I imagine that you were pleased when it was all sorted. I am keeping my fingers crossed for warmer nights as I have pricked out my tomatoes now. Whilst they are still very small it is simple to whip the seed tray in for the night, but it gets more complicated once they are in pots :)

  3. Wow! That is a lot of plants- I'll be hoping for no hard frost for you too! Happy gardening :)

  4. Catherine
    Yes I always grew too many and hate throwing anything away but I do like giving plants away to anyone who visits me. I hope your dahlias survive mine definitely wouldn't have done last winter as we had the worst snow in 30 years.

    Guess it is a bit milder than Yorkshire. I originate from Lancashire and Dad and I swop gardening notes by phone. It will be a quick dash to the greenhouse with newspaper or something if a bad frost threatens. However I have kept a couple of trays in the porch just in case.

    I had just as many Gardeners Delight as Ailsa Craig but they have only been potted on today.

  5. Once again Joanne, You are a true gardener! Loved looking at how well your seedlings are coming along. I really never thought of putting the dahlias in the greenhouse. Alan and I were discussing that it is time to plant them now, no shoots of course, yet! We were so late planting them last year, it was getting close to fall when they started blooming. But I think I will try your method of giving them a jump start in the greenhouse first. Nothing ventured nothing gained.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi Pauline I start them off in the greenhouse in their trays with alittle water then when they start into growth after a week or so I plant into individual pots where they stay until one of the veg beds becomes empty so they flower well there as I don't have space anywhere else for them and it is nice to fill a veg bed when there are no more veg to put in them.