Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Mike is mainly responsible for the
vegetable growing so I thought I'd
post some photos
taken a few days ago.

It's difficult to tell from the photographs but there are peas, carrots, parsnips, beetroot and the obvious Broad Beans.

Oninons and Rasperries

Finally new strawberry plants.


  1. Each time I see how far ahead of our gardens yours is I turn quite green with envy!
    tradition here is to wait another month and a half (last weekend in May) to think about planting vegetables in the garden.

  2. It looks so nice, I love the hedge around it. I wish my husband would want to take care of our vegetables. My Poppa (grandfather) always was in charge of the vegies and I loved helping him.

  3. Your vegetable garden is wonderful! Everything looks so healthy! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  4. Alison Not long until May.

    Catherine Mike had paved his yard when I met him not being a gardeneer. He has come a long way since then. Over the last few years he has had to do so much more in the garden minly under my direction although I even lost the will to do that. So he has definitely taken over with the vegetables.

    The big problem is that now I am so much better and wanting to have my own way things can get a bit difficult. No room for two head gardeners.

    Perennial Gardener I enjoyed reading your blog. thanks for your comment.

  5. I love the box hedging Joanne and am most envious of all the protective devices - could use a few of those at the allotment :)

  6. I love the design of your beds. So lovely and traditional.


  7. Your veg looks well on the way - I think I am rather behind with mine after reading this post!

  8. I am very curious about your wire and poles. Why and how do you do this? Animals above and below?

  9. Very impressive! Quite a variety you have going there!

  10. Wow Joanne, two amazing gardeners in the family. We are still procrastinating on starting a veg garden. Had one in our other life but, cannot seem to get around to it at this home. (though we both want it)! You are lucky that both of you are ardent gardeners! Your pictures tell it all, thank you for this!

  11. Anna The box was grown from cuttings very easy.

    Cindy Thanks

    Karen Mike does start a bit early and then sometimes has to re sow.

    Claudia we live next to a housing estate where every cat in the neighbourhood likes to use our well tended veg beds for a loo which then makes our dog dig in them so until things get bigger we need to protect them with whatever we can find.

    Pauline Veg as you know are time consuming and you have such a lovely garden to tend but then the rewards are what you have to eat as well as the fun growing.

  12. Hi Joanne! I think your garden pictures can be in a garden textbook. Everything is so well organized, neat, clean and in order! I love it! Thank you, good post!

  13. Tatyana Your comments made me chuckle. In fact it is actually very untidy after my years of neglect. After taking photos of the arch I could see the weeds in the path and am now busy a little a day weeding the path. Photographs are sometimes kind to gardens. Thank you for joining my blog though.

    Pauline Thanks, I have e mailed you direct.

  14. It all looks lovely Joanne. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. Great Dixter opens at 11 for the gardens and 2 for the house tour but, if you are anything like me, the gardens are the draw!

  15. Elizabeth
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I am delighted to hear the garden opens at 11 that makes it much easier for us to arrange another visit.

    I enjoyed your blog and hope you are making the most of your new life without the demands of a job. Pleased to hear you like me are recovering well.

  16. Hi Joanne, I love these images. When I was planting edibles, (before the garden became completely ornamental and my husband got an allotment to grow food) I was always looking for methods to prevent birds from eating tiny lettuce sprouts, or having the neighborhood cats use the lovely soil as their litter box. It looks like your beds are in great shape, in this respect!

  17. Hi Joanne

    I love the box hedging. Looks like a parterre.

    Do you grow artichokes or cardoons, they look so good?


  18. Alice Joyce Yes the Box have many advantages they help to keep the many cats off from around the neighbourhood but they also seem to keep carrot fly at bay and help the garden to look more interesting in the winter.

    Rob Hi we do still have a few Cardoons/artichoke grown on one side ornamentally. I find them a bit fiddley to be bothered to cook and eat.

  19. Joanne I also love your box hedge, I would love to do this as well. I already have 2 box shrubs just sitting in pots on the patio, so perhaps I will start a hedge somewhere on my allotment plot. Are cuttings really easy to do ?? as they are expensive to buy.

  20. Maureen They are so easy. But there are two types the hedgeing and the suffruticosa dwarf edgeing.
    I made the mistake of using the large one and took 500 cuttings then realised my mistake and got two of the suffruticosa and took another 500 of about 1000 cuttings that first year only 3 died not bad. So I have one type on one side of the garden that mike cuts back twice a year and the other on the opposite side that does not need so much cutting.

    I would recommend the Dwarf type.

    I used mushroom boxes from Sainsburys economy mushrooms they make excellent seed trays as they are deeper, and I put 20 cuttings in each tray, about a couple of inches and not all heel cuttings some just straight still rooted OK. I took cuttings in late Summer and overwintered in the greenhouse. I did more over successive years. Some I tried straight into the ground but probably 2/3 loss even in a mild winter.

    If you can get hold of someone cutting theirs back that would be a good source of cutting material.

  21. Pam, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question about box cuttings, and in such great detail, I am going to have a go. I will let you know if I have any luck with mine.

  22. Hi Maureen Good luck then with the box.