Tuesday, 7 April 2009



  1. I have to make a comment myself. I would like to thank Carolyn of Aiken House and Gardens because I was able to use Slide from her blog. It has taken me nearly 2 hours but got there in the end.

    It is a steep learning curve for me and I didn't get round to as much gardening as I had intended but very satisfying. I hope you enjoy my walk with Beth

  2. I could imagine being there with you
    you are so talented creating the slide show
    It was good to see Beth enjoying her walk in the woods

  3. Dear Joanne, first let me tell you that I so enjoyed this slide show. But it did bring tears to my eyes bringing back memories of our black and white Springer Patrick whom I walked with every day. Since I have been blogging, I have been craving another dog like mad. But my husband does not seem to want to yet. We have had four Springers, but Patrick was the only black and white one. One of these days I will put a picture of him on my blog, so you can see him.:) Carolyn really is wonderful. We have exchanged e-mails on several occasions even as we speak because of my own blog posting frustrations.... I sensed that you were having some difficulties. Don't worry, you are not on your own. I have had a heck of a time, some of my posts taking hours. I spent hours last night to no avail - lost everything, except for one piece of text. So if at first, you don't succeed.............. Have a great day and Easter Holiday.
    Cheers, Pauline

  4. Me again, sorry, I do not mean to hog your blog, but on reading back to another post of yours, Joanne, it looks like you are having the same problems as I with posting pictures and trying to get text in the right place to find that the pictures are disappearing, that sort of thing. If I had found the answer I would try and help you out, but I have not, so whoever gets it first, let's help each other out, OK! :) The problem with me is I am having an even worse time now than I did in the beginning. Anyway Good luck!

  5. Hi Joanne,
    You have made a lovely slideshow.It makes me think of our trip to England last year when all the lovely hedgerows were in bloom. It takes me awhile to fiqure this computer stuff out also but if I persist I learn as I go.
    I am glad indirectly I was some help to you.

    Take care,

  6. Hi thanks for your encouragement. The walk is the same as the one on Snow I did in February. I thought it would be fun to compare the changes. In a few weeks the Cow Parsley will be 4ft high and like walking in fairy land.

    Alison Thanks.

    Pauline I am glad you like the pictures with beth in I look forward to seeing Patrick.

    Carolyn I am glad you enjoyed your trip to the UK. Yes I am not very skilled with computers but learning.

  7. Hi Joanne, love the slide show, it's such a nice big one. I lose a picture once in a while when I click enter for some reason. But it's happened on a pretty big post so I just left it out. I write posts ahead of time and copy and paste so if I lose things it's easier to just paste it back in. I even copy these comments because so many times they disappear and I can just paste them back in. So much easier.

  8. Raingardener Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the advice. As you can see it is a steep learning curve for me but fun.

  9. I enjoyed the walk in the woods. I have never attempted a slide show - will have to give it a go one of these days :)

  10. This looks like a wonderful place for a stroll. It doesn't look very busy either. Although the trees haven't fully leafed out, there appears to be a carpet of green underneath.

    Your walking companion seems to be turning around every time you get behind, to encourage you on, "Enough of the picture taking. Let's frolic." :)

  11. It's so pretty, it just looks so quiet and peaceful. I enjoyed your slideshow!

  12. Anna Yes it took me several attempts to upload but it was fun trying.

    Northern Shade. It is lovely for a quick walk in the afternnon. I let Mike take her for a long one in the mornings through the other side of the woods.

    The carpet of green is Cow Parsley which is wonderful when it comes into flower 4/5 ft high. Although I don't like it in the garden because it can become a bit of a thug.

    The path is actually well used and the children walk through on their way to school.