Thursday 9 April 2009



  1. Hi Joanne,
    You have done a great job with your slideshows.I love all your beautiful roses. I love roses but our climate is harder on a lot of English roses. I still some but they are more work here as they need to be well covered in late fall and the still often die back to a few inches above ground.I do have quite a few hardy shrub roses though which I also enjoy.
    Take care,

  2. Love your roses!!
    I do not have any in my "garden" but I know some people in the area who do so now I shall have to make a point of checking them out this summer!!

  3. Oooooo... such lovelies! They are so rich in color. I can almost smell them through the computer screen.


  4. Hermes blog Roses recently did an interesting article on Heat and cold resistant roses.

    Carolyn thank you and thank you for the inspiration.
    How did you do the collage I think it must have been a different program than Slide?

    Cindy Thanks. It makes you look forward to June when they will be flowering again.

    As someone said on their blog recently anticipation is half the fun.

    Alison Soon you will see the garden again after the snow.

  5. Hi Joanne, Wonderful show of beautiful roses - really well done! I found myself glued to the collage, Thank you for a great view!
    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend.
    PS Also thank you for your comment on my blog. I have answered you there!

  6. Thanks Pauline
    I replied to your query about Cottage Rose.
    Have a lovely Easter

  7. Hi Joanne

    Beautiful roses. Watch you don't catch the gadget bug.


  8. Good found your comment so I did not mess up after all. Yes I am getting sucked into this blogging lark must take care not to spend too much time away from the garden though.