Friday, 10 April 2009


When the girls were small they called this part of the woods The Wild Woods as opposed to the bit adjacent to our house.

The walk takes you down the slope to what used to be a lake on the left but now silted up and just a culvert. The new growth is such a lovely delicate green. There were lots of wild flower plants many blue bells coming up and one or two in flower. Primroses on the far side and violets, of course Beth had to sit where I was trying to take a photo of the violets.

Eventually the woods come to a halt by a railway cutting where the girls liked to stand on the five barred gate looking for trains. On the way back you can take a footpath into Clandon Park and walk and walk. Not today though this was quite far enough for my Lyme legs.

I had to take a photo of an old oak that the girls used to call the Listening Tree. It was sad to see how badly damaged it is these days, so many of the Oak trees around these woods seem to be suffering. In fact I was surprised to see how many trees were down or part down as it is a while since I have managed this walk.

Well I hope you enjoy the walk we did inspite of the drizzle.


  1. It really is pretty. I bet your girls did love it in there, lots of adventures to be had! Is ivy growing up the trees? It grows up trees here and kills them unfortunately.
    Your dog is very cute!

  2. Hi Catherine

    Yes they did enjoy it they are now nearly thirty. where did all the years go.

    Ivy seems to grow everywhere lots on the trees and I got Mike to cut back ruthlessly last Autumn in our garden.

  3. Hi Joanne, I'm Ellie, One of Rachel's friends and she told me about your website. Those woods look like a nice place to escape (are they bluebells coming up?). We too have woods at the back of the garden where me and my sister used to spend afternoons when we were young.

    Take care, I hope to meet you and your garden one day!


  4. Hello Ellie

    Nice of you to drop by. Yes they are English bluebells unlike the large non native ones I have in my garden, that Rachel dismisses.

    Perhaps one day Rachel will bring you by for a visit and cup of tea.

    Isn't her garden looking nice?

  5. Hi Joanne, I really enjoyed my walk with you and Beth this morning. Can Beth swim, like, across the Atlantic - I would love to have her here for a little holiday, heehee! Though I am not too sure that I would want to send her back home. Nice to see an English Wood again. We had two great ones locally where we lived in England. Such beautiful walks, especially in the spring with the hosts of dafodils and then bluebells dotted everywhere - always very, pretty. Hope you are having a nice Easter holiday.
    Cheers, Pauline.

  6. I'm so glad you took us on your walk. I love your Wild Woods. They remind me of my own childhood ramblings.


  7. Thanks for your comments Pauline

    Beth doesn't like the sea but loves water I think the waves frighten her. Glad you enjoyed our walk.

    Cindy Hello glad you enjoyed the Wild Woods.