Monday, 13 April 2009


Just a few more signs of spring growth.
The anticipation of this large flowering Cherry! Planted rather near the back door it is pruned hard each autumn but still flowers well.
The smaller Prunus Persica is a delightful small tree.

Below signs of life on my Robinia which was looking very sick last year and has lots of dead branches so fingers crossed.

There are plenty shoots on my Gleditsia trees.

The Delphinium are coming along nicely, some from previous years plus some new plants grown from seed last year.

The astilbees are doing ok mixed in with low growing asparagus fern.

The Choisya lost some branches I think during the snow, but there are flower buds and I am sure it will pick up.


  1. Lots of signs of spring in your garden.I'm a bit envious!

  2. You sure have a nice place there. I see so much fun in store. I tell ya - I sure do enjoy my time I spend working in the dirt.

  3. Joanne, I just left you a message on Blotanical. I found a good friend when I moved to California, someone who had suffered 10 years before being diagnosed. Thank you for sharing your story. And I'm so glad you can take pleasure in your garden. I am having to think about selling our home because of osteoarthritis - just cannot keep up the garden as I have in the past. Right now I'm preparing to hire a student helper. I've always done everything myself! Or some chores with my husband's assistance. All best to you!

  4. I wish I could grow delphiniums! That is one flower I'm sad I can't get to grow. The slugs chew them off or they just never return. I can't wait to see yours in bloom. My choisya doesn't have any flower buds yet, I guess some plants are behind you and other things are ahead.

  5. This is such an exciting time of year and personally I'm so glad its getting warmer.

  6. Joanne everything is looking good. I can see your gardens are gonna make me green with envy. What I've seen so far already has me turning color. ;-)

  7. Carolyn Spring will be with you soon. I love your music on your blog and often have it playing while I am on my computer.

    Becca yes I like to get my hands in it too but still prefer to do so at bench hight as my legs are still not quite recovered.

    Alice How nice of you to join me. I had not realised there were so many messages on Blotanical for me, still haven't got the hang of blogging yet too busy in the garden.
    I was sorry to hear about your Osteoarthritis, I have signs of it also with rheumatoid but thank goodness I am doing so well and without pain so enjoying the garden while I can. It must be awful for you to have to make such a sad decision I hope your student works out well for you. To have had so much pain and recover to what I am now is better than any riches I could be given.

    Catherine I used to have an allotment next to a man who grew Delphiniums for show. They were wonderful. The secret is to give them a bed to themselves with plenty of grit and slug pellets in spring. I often protect the new shoots with a sort of cloche as they start very early. Even so they need replacing every few years but then I have always grown mine from seed.

    Hermes yes it is an exciting time. Thank you for all your lovely posts too many for me to comment individually but much appreciated and enjoyed.

    Rain Gardener Thank you but your recent photography with the raindrops was superb.

  8. Joanne, I think you astutely identified the clematis pic! I also photographed it years ago, and when I present talks, the image of that bloom always elicits a gasp of delight from the audience. Cheers,

  9. Hi Joanne ... You have a lovely garden ... my heart warm up when I see one ... cheers! ~ bangchik at Blotanical

  10. Hi Alice If you have time to scroll through my March posts sorry about the large blank spaces but I posted early March 'Clematis' in amongst them is a photo of Marie Boisselot.Yes it is rather a lovely one.

    Thanks Bangchik for your comment.

  11. Hi again Joanne,

    Ah that cherry tree is going to be fabulous. I agree your delphiniums look like they will be wonderful. I have been really trying very hard to get some going for this year. I hope it works out. I did get a bunch of seeds from my one and only plant last year, but have not tried propagating them yet. I should!!! You sure have a great stand of daffs in picture #4.

    Thank you again. Happy gardening!

  12. Hi Pauline
    Thanks good luck with the Delphiniums but they will take a year before they will flower.

    The man who grew them next to my allotment used to grow all his from cuttings taken in the spring on the new growth. If you leave it too late the stem becomes hollow and will not make roots. I have tried this but prefer not to deplete my small number of delphiniums.