Friday, 24 April 2009



  1. Sorry folks. Well that was not where I wanted to put it but I will get it to my side bar eventually.

  2. Hi Joanne
    That is a wonderful "pat on the back" for you
    You deserve it

  3. Alison You made me laugh so I had to publish your comment.

    You do realise since going on Eurolyme a year ago my IT skills have developed considerably but still a way to go yet, although I manage well enough to get into the many Lyme Disease research articles, so so many for an illness that acording to the Baker's dozen is rare and easy to cure. Hah! One day they will get there comeupance!

    As to Blotanical check it out you don't need to have your own blog and you will find some in your zone in Canada.

    Tail is still wagging on Beth in anticipation of your visit in September.