Monday, 13 April 2009

Jobs In The Garden

A few days ago I weeded the front of this spring border which was full of buttercups. I had potted on various seedlings Alchemilla Mollis, Primroses, Cow slips and Denticularta Primula and Adjuga so I was able to plant up the empty space with a variety of these home produced seedlings. After the rain they are coming along well.

Mike has been busy making me arches. The poles he cuts from where he works and then he bends them round a forma of pegs in the grass.

This is the one at the bottom of the garden nearly finished. I am waiting for the go ahead to plant my sweet peas to grow up it.

Either side of the arch is a Gleditsia tree. They are still very young.

Yes the arches are rather rustic but then that suits our style of gardening.


  1. lovely to take a walk through your garedn and see how spring is progressing!!

  2. Your twig arches go perfectly with your fully planted garden. They will look great with sweetpeas clambering over them, and will smell heavenly when you walk underneath them.

  3. Joanne your garden is beautiful! Love the arches - rustic works for me - and the path is great, it all works together and looks lovely!

  4. Thanks for your comments. It has been such a beautiful day I have done lots of gardening and if I get chance I will post some more this evening.

    Looking at these photos I can see another job for the list is to weed the path!

  5. Happy Easter, Joanne! Your garden looks beautiful, and so do the rustic arches.

  6. Victoria

    Thank you for your comments.

  7. Your garden looks beautiful. I love the path and the arches.

  8. Hi Joanne, back for another peek and finally post. My! oh my, You really do have a true cottage garden, jammed with all sorts of interesting plants. It is amazing. I love the rustic arches your hubby has made and especially love the fact that you have demonstrated how they were built. Cool! I think it is great now that you are feeling well, that your enthusiasm comes across. I am very happy for you. You certainly deserve it.


  9. Pauline Thanks. Yes I feel like a child in a sweet factory I don't know what to do first. I am off today to get some plants for hanging baskets I have not bothered to grew my own I can't manage everything in my small space.