Saturday 28 March 2009

Wisley on Mother's Day

RHS gardens at Wisley is about 15 minutes drive away so is somewhere I regularly go.

For Mother's day Rachel took me to Wisley and quite by chance we bumped into one of her friends. I said how much I had always wanted to look round the alpine houses that back up the display houses and was taken along to have a look round.

What a treat and luckily I had taken my camera which I rarely take to Wisley, so I was able to take lots of photos here are a few to share.

The main display greenhouse is beautiful and as I stand in the door I as usual promise myself that I will devote a bench in my greenhouse to alpines, I used to dream of having my own alpine greenhouse but I could settle for a bench and yes I know that Wisley only manages their breathtaking display with the many back up plants but still one can dream.


  1. How fun. You got a lot of great pictures, and there sure are a lot of pretty flowers there.

  2. I can see how you would want an alpine bench after a visit to the alpine house. Their plants are so healthy looking, and beautifully displayed. You would need a backup greenhouse to keep it displayed with such beauties at their peak. It makes me anxious for my own bulbs to appear in the garden.

  3. Hi Norther Shade

    Thank you for visiting my blog and glad you enjoyed the Wisley Alpine House. I can see why you are concerned for your bulbs with all the snow. I liked the look of your blog will return to see more soon.

  4. I adore Alpinr Houses and those Primula are so lovely. You are lucky to live so close.

  5. Hi Hermes

    Yes it was a real treat to visit the back up houses. Yes I am lucky to live so near to RHS Wisley as we are not great ones for travelling.

    I usually go on my own but it was nice to go with my daughter. In fact it is nice to be able to walk properly again and actually do a trip round the garden.