Friday, 24 April 2009


The last few days I have had to remove an old Broom. I had to cut the few flowers that struggled through to have indoors. I had forgotten how pungent the smell was.
The Broom was not in the best place since we gave up the allotment and redesigned the garden many years ago to accommodate the vegetables.
I had chance to dig up yet more Bindweed and trim the hedge being careful to look out for the Clematis Viticella Vernosa Violacea and Viticella Blue Belle.
Hopefully now the Roses especially Francis E. Lester will benefit from a bit more sun.
If my above links work it is thanks to Veg Plotting who kindly sent advice on how to do the links.


  1. Broom grows wild here along the freeways and it sure does have a strong smell. I do like the yellow flowers though.
    Your links work and you have such beautiful clematis. Definitely my favorite vine, I just keep adding more.

  2. Hi Catherine We have gorse in our hedgerows not nearly as attractive as Broom aren't you lucky.

    Yes I am a bit hooked on clematis.

    Thanks Rob and Tatyana I think your post were either lost or on Roses/clemats links must look and see.

    Yes Rob I am definitely getting sucked in and need to take care not to take too much time from gardening.

  3. Hurrah - it worked!

    I never even thought about using broom in a vase. It looks lovely :)

  4. Like Catherine said it grows wild here on the freeways and sometimes one eye will start watering and itching and there will be Scotch Broom on that side of the highway. Funny only the eye on that side gets bothered. LOL
    Aren't you lucky to have all of those Clematis. I absolutely love them and want more! I have Josephine and she's my favorite. Nellie Moser was my first and she didn't make it and I bought Bee's Jubilee that didn't make it either. But I think maybe the neighbor who had his drain pointed at our place killed it. We did have a little talk with him about re-routing.

  5. Rain gardener First congratulations on your award.

    Funny about the eye watering.

    Have another try with more clematis. nelly Moser was my first and now nearly thirty years later and not much care it is stunning in flower. I will post it soon not long now.

    Josephine is a favourite because my mum bought it for me the last visit before she died. She always called me Josephine if she was trying to ask a favour.

    Actually each one is a favourite as you look or think of any particular one.

    So long as you keep watered the first year and a bit next couple of years if a dry spell and roots in a bit of shade they are not really very demanding.

    A drink with dilute tomato feed now and then in growing season does help.

  6. Thanks Joanne - I'll have to try the tomato feed. I seem to be keeping them ok now so maybe I can get Bee's Jubilee - I really liked it too. My other with a pompom pretty but not very big bloom is called Plena something. I'll get picture this year.

  7. Hi Raingardener sounds like it might be

    Purpurea Plena Elegans it is one I have been tempted to buy so if that is it I will be interested to hear how it does.

    Also with clematis slug pellets around the base are important especially in the early years and keep roots in a cool moist run especially during the hot months.