Tuesday, 2 June 2009


The Rhubarb went to seed but looks so spectacular I did not have the heart to cut it and there is plenty to harvest. I think that Asparagus shoot got away in my absence.
Beetroot Parsnips and a dusting of weeds.

Carrots doing very nicely.

Hmm Mike re named these peas Reluctant. I am forbidden to weed in case the few peas fall over. I don't agree but have plenty other weeds to tackle.

Broad beans are coming on but a bit slow in growing pods.

I got side tracked with photographing roses surprise surprise so forgot to take the vegetables on the other side of the path. So here's a quick peep at the onions in the back ground.

Some tomatoes are outside but plenty more given away and still a greenhouse packed with many more.

It comes in useful having the extra greenhouse.

I found a space for surplus sweet peas, in the past they have done well here and good for cutting.

Morning shade but you get the idea the cold frames are overflowing too.
Now I couldn't let you go without a few more roses David Austin English Roses. Mmmm can you smell them?

Jane Austin especially for Julie at English Country Garden I came across her blog today and see she is a fan of this rose and it's name sake.

Jane Austin in bud.

Just one more for good luck.

Charles Renie Mackintosh. Such an unusual colour.

Winchester Cathedral is doing well this year.

All these three roses are vigorous and flower profusely for many months. They are along the wall at the front of the front garden and are very much admired by passers by. I hope it lifts their spirits as it does mine when I see them.
I hope you enjoyed todays stroll.