Tuesday 2 June 2009


The Rhubarb went to seed but looks so spectacular I did not have the heart to cut it and there is plenty to harvest. I think that Asparagus shoot got away in my absence.
Beetroot Parsnips and a dusting of weeds.

Carrots doing very nicely.

Hmm Mike re named these peas Reluctant. I am forbidden to weed in case the few peas fall over. I don't agree but have plenty other weeds to tackle.

Broad beans are coming on but a bit slow in growing pods.

I got side tracked with photographing roses surprise surprise so forgot to take the vegetables on the other side of the path. So here's a quick peep at the onions in the back ground.

Some tomatoes are outside but plenty more given away and still a greenhouse packed with many more.

It comes in useful having the extra greenhouse.

I found a space for surplus sweet peas, in the past they have done well here and good for cutting.

Morning shade but you get the idea the cold frames are overflowing too.
Now I couldn't let you go without a few more roses David Austin English Roses. Mmmm can you smell them?

Jane Austin especially for Julie at English Country Garden I came across her blog today and see she is a fan of this rose and it's name sake.

Jane Austin in bud.

Just one more for good luck.

Charles Renie Mackintosh. Such an unusual colour.

Winchester Cathedral is doing well this year.

All these three roses are vigorous and flower profusely for many months. They are along the wall at the front of the front garden and are very much admired by passers by. I hope it lifts their spirits as it does mine when I see them.
I hope you enjoyed todays stroll.


  1. Hi Joanne

    I agree, that Rhubarb, let it bolt!

    I love your 'parterres' with teepees. You must be a patient type, waiting for that box to knit together. Beautiful roses.


  2. I really like how your vegetable garden is planted between the boxwoods. I love the teepees in the middle. I'm also going to try the way you have your peas in the big, black pots next year.
    The roses are beautiful, I can see that passers by would love to look at them. I've found a few roses just beginning to open here.

  3. I love those rose pictures. I am a big fan of David Austin roses. Toms seem to be doing really well this year.

  4. Rob

    I think untidy rather than patient. Box is so well worth growing from cuttings it is so sucessful and does not take very long to start looking good. I made the mistake of using ordinary Semperverens and then realised it should have been Sufruticosa. Clearly this takes longer to look good and does not need so much pruning. Mike does an excellent job of pruning. I did think I would replace all with sufruticosa but ill health rather interfered, now I don't know if I have the energy and what would I do with hundreds of box plants that I'd have to remove? So one side is ordinay box and one dwarf. Doesn't detract and is a good talking point as well as a warning to others who may like to have a go at growing box edging.

    Catherine Thank you. I think the sweet peas do well because they are in a bit of shade. Sweet peas don't tolerate too much heat well, no matter how much water you give them.

    Some years ago we called at David Austen roses Albrington, Wolverhampton, on our way to visit Dad. Dad wanted us to collect a Buff Beauty another lovey rose.

    It was such a delight to walk around the lovely rose garden in early June and a visit I recommend to anyone, if they are near enough to travel. Although the stands at the flower shows are something I make a bee line for they cannot compare with seeing them growing in a garden.

  5. Oh Julie thank you I am sorry I should have said Jayne Austin. I did know it was just a slip of the brain.

  6. Joanne- your garden is so full and pretty! You are so far ahead of mine right now. I can't wait to start harvesting.

  7. Love the bolted Rhubarb. Your photos are fabulous, everything looks great!!!! I was bought my 2nd rose on Sunday, I could get addicted like you seem to be. I wanted a David Austin one called Geoff Hamiliton but they all looked so ill in the nursery :(

  8. Joanne your garden looks very bountiful and your roses are lovely.

  9. Hi Carrie what a shame you didn't get a Geoff Hamilton you must be a fan and if you look back through my earlier posts I did one on when I visited his garden. http://joanne-orangecottages.blogspot.com/2009/03/geoff-hamiltons-garden-july-08.html

    I really enjoyed my visit and it is a credit to his family.

    Once bitten you will go on and on I am sure.

    Hi Valeri Thank you for your comment and i hope you enjoyed the garden.

  10. Joanne your veggie gardens are great. I use to eat rhubarb from the garden. Tried it a few years ago and just can't do that anymore. ;-)
    Love the beautiful roses!

  11. Joanne, thanks for visiting my blog, I did reply by the way, but just in case you didn't see it, I hope your dad is better soon and that you both get to Mottisfont.
    Your garden and your vegetables look so good.
    I am trying to root some cutting from my box, but they seem to be taking ages, your looks so nice, and I see lots of people comment on it which shows how lovely it is.

  12. RainGardener
    What a shame you can't have rhubarb any more I take it you mean to eat not grow. It is still a good plant to grow I find it very attractive especially in flower.

    I took my box cuttings a little later in the summer and left them in cold frames it was not until the following spring that the roots started to grow I then potted on and kept for another year before planting out.

    Sorry but a bit of patience is needed. I hope it works for you they are very well the effort.

  13. Beautiful - both pretty and full of great looking veg. Love the roses. Your carrots are looking great!

  14. Happy Mouffetard
    Thank you for your kind words. I have just been watering the garden and had to come in and post some more photos from yesterday.

    The perfume is out of this world.