Friday, 26 June 2009


A rather sick looking Arbutus Unedo I am hoping this will pull through as the new leaves are looking good.
Just especially for Joco after her comments on my earlier post.
Cercis candensis Forest Pansy a real beauty but I think it gets a bit more sun than it likes hopefully it will go from strength to strength.

This little beauty is a Eucryphia it is my second one but this is only a small tree and much daintier than my other Eucryphia. The flowers are lovely and usually flowers July when many other plants have gone over.

This Hebe unknown name is hanging over from my neighbours garden.

Not one to miss an opportunity the rose Francis E Lester takes advantage.

Also Clematis Vit. Soldertaje taking advantage.

This Robinia pseudoacacia Frisia is a lovely tree but fairly newly planted and I thought I had lost it last year. It is beginning to fight back so fingers crossed. Yet another clematis taking advantage.

Golden Honey locust Gleditsia triacanthos Sunburst a lovely tree in habit, growth, leaf shape and colour.

The second one on the left of the lower arch.

Just to show the leaf shape.

These three lime like colour trees I have in a row and yes they will grow about 60' but not in my lifetime. I am hoping they will pull the length of the garden away and also help disguise the view of the housing estate.

Acer and Amelanchier with the other neighbours apple tree on the right.

Hoheria Sexstylosa has grown rapidly and already I have had to prune this year. I did not expect it to grow so quickly but the white flowers July time are a delight and as it is evergreen again I hope it will block the view at the bottom of the garden and with the other trees growing near bye I hope to make the lawn area have a feeling of enclosure. It does already and is like a little haven to sit in.

This Liquidamber joins the above group and yes perhaps I shouldn't have planted it here but with careful pruning I am hoping it will work.

Acer trunks.

Finally a bit of an experiment is always fun. My sister in law gave me some Jacoranda seeds and this is there 3 year. They have such beautiful foliage. Clearly need protection from frost and so will not mature and bare flowers sadly. Those of you living in hotter climbs I am very envious of your ability to grow such lovely trees.


  1. You have beautiful trees and such a nice variety. My aAbutus didn't survive the winter this last year, I love how the fruit on it looks.
    Jacarandas are such pretty trees, I bet yours will be covered in blooms.

  2. Great photos. There are several there I really covert.

  3. That Hebe!

    Like the Eucryphia, new one on me.

  4. What a great range of trees. Having discovered Eucryphias at Ness Gardens last summer, I admire yours - they are delightful.

  5. Catherine I did loose an Arbutus and then found this one but not sure about the yellow leaves and loss of leaves. I love the bark though.
    Hermes Thank you.
    Rob Yes so do I and when my neighbour said she thought she would have it cut down I protested how beautiful it is. So far she has not bothered and she does enjoy the roses and clematis that scramble over her side.
    HM I think it was at Nymans that I first saw a Eucryphia 30' high and several all in flower. Then I saw one at Great Dixter and so when I spotted it at Wisley Garden Centre I had to have one, well two now. They are amazing.

  6. Hi Joanne, some of these beauties are foreign to me, some are not for our climate, like the Hebe saying hi over your neighbors fence. You should have a veritable forest in a few years. We do have the Forest Pansy, this year has been its best so far with doubling in size. Your views will be all trees soon, if not already. :-)

  7. Frances yes It could well be a forest one day but not in my life time and I expect who ever moves in will probably clear out the garden and put in a swimming pool.
    Mike does do a good job of pruning and trimming things. I have to say over the last few years we have moved towards trees and shrubs because I didn't think I would ever be well enough to garden as I have this year. Whopee!

  8. What a wonderful variety of trees you have! So interesting. Thanks for an enjoyable post! -Jackie

  9. Joanne.., you are lucky to have quite a space to grow plants and enjoy the green...

    Happy gardening,
    ~ bangchik