Sunday, 21 June 2009

Photo Contest for June - Roses

Jayne Austin rose (English Musk) is a sturdy large David Austin English rose. I have it growing against a low flint wall in the front garden and it's profusion of large blooms and beautiful perfume are much admired by passers by who often bury their noses in it's flowers and walk on with a smile on their faces. It is meant to be 3.5ft in height but I prune each year down to about 3ft and up it grows at least another couple of feet full of blooms.

Sir Edward Elgar David Austin English rose (Old Rose Hybrid). This was bought influenced by it's name. Elgar's cello concerto inspired my daughter Rachel to take up playing the cello at aged 8 and now grown up she teaches and plays the cello and has given us much delight over the many years listening to her music. This rose is about 3.5 ft as described by David Austin. The perfume is a dark musk 'flavour'.

The last rose is Mayor of Casterbridge (Old Rose Hybrid) it flowers profusely with wonderful old rose fragrance. It is again a David Austin English rose and grows for me about 5ft although again it is pruned to about 3ft each autumn.
I have posted this to enter Gardening gone wild contest.
I am not sure if I have in fact done this within the time frame but I have enjoyed having a go and as I have only just come across it tonight thought I'd try.
I have particularly enjoyed reading the suggestions for photography of roses which I found very helpful. I am new to blogging, naive at IT and still figuring out my digital camera.
I am on a steep learning curve and am finding the more I blog and photograph the more pleasure I have with my garden. I am learning so much from the shared experience of so many blogging friends.
Apologise to anyone who may have seen these roses on earlier posts. David Austin roses are not the only roses I grow see earlier posts through What more Roses or More Roses and Vegetables or Vegetables and Roses or Heaven Scent


  1. Hi Joanne,
    I see an improvement already-those are lovely rose photos. I find blogging has made me improve my photo skills as well. A nice bonus!

  2. I love the David Austin roses and those photographs show just how lovely they are in flower.

  3. Lovely roses Joanne, I've never been a fan of them myself but having inherited a few when I moved into this house I have become a fan.

    I love the 'wild' roses, an planted one, Rosarie de L'hay and it smells wonderful.

    The Roses in the front garden that were here when I bought the house don't appear to have much of a perfume - it's a shame as some have marvelous blooms, real classic Rose shapes.
    They were all very leggy, but I've done some work on them and now they have far more blooms and are generally looking much better but because I'm a novice with roses they're still not quite there!

  4. Hi Joanne

    Beautiful images. Of course with subject matter as perfect as these!!!

    Incidently, I have to say how good your photos are getting. I can't help but notice the enormous improvements since you first started blogging.

  5. They are all so pretty. I'm learning more about the David Austin roses and can see why people love them. Your photos are beautiful!
    I think it's so neat that your daughter was inspired by music she heard at such a young.

  6. Nothing can bit the roses, and your roses are wonderful, Joanne! I don't see any black spots...

  7. Beautiful. I just wish I could bury my nose in their scent.

  8. Blogland is certainly a great place to pick up hints and benefit from other folk's expertise. I wish that I lived near enough to be one of those lucky passers by :)

  9. Carolyn Thank you
    Hermes Yes and I bought one more today. I looked at a variety at Wisley but came away with Crocus Rose sort of white with apricot blush, There aren't many good whites. I already have Glamis castle a bit spindly and Winchester Cathedral.
    Liz Keep trying and they will improve give them a mulch of compost in the autumn.
    Rob Thanks all encouragement greatfully received but I really do need to improve my shots of larger areas and get the detail better.
    Catherine Thank you. For me the attraction is the old rose appearance, repeat flowering and fragrance.
    Tatyana No I don't have too much problem with black spot.
    Sandra Yes they do smell devine.

  10. Those are lovely photos of my favorite type of rose! I'm also an english rose fan and have 15 of them (some repeats). They're only a year or two old but showing great promise. Happy rose-growing.

  11. Your photography is great, I love looking at your roses - what a passion you have for them. And it's very understandable, boy do you and roses seem to have a good friendship going. I have my first 2 this year, but I'm totally wick and can't remember their names, though I know they are not David Austin (they're too dear for me!) Getting excited about the juicy buds....Photos will follow on my blog but they will not be as spectactular as yours!!!!!

  12. VW Hi Nice of you to join me i am glad you like my post. I just popped over to your blog and loved the Cornus and also your Peony post.

    Carrie I am sure your blooms will be just as good I look forward to seeing them.