Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I didn't want to waste anybodies time if they weren't interested in Clematis hence the title of my post.

For those who are keen clematis lovers or aspire to have more here is a small selection of mine, currently flowering. I make no apologise for more than one Vit Vernosa Violocea it is so delightful but not vigorous.

Rachel came to see me last week with a present, another Clematis to add to my collection, Viennetta which is just beginning to flower. This brings me back up to 49 One or two casualties have been replaced this year.

If you still need more of a clematis fix see The President and Friends or perhaps Clematis Season Begins or even Clematis and if you still want more The Start of the Gardening Year has some good ones of Prince Charles and co.


  1. Enjoyed the slide show Joanne. I love clematis but can still count mine on two hands but their numbers are expanding. This year's purhase has been 'Buckland Beauty' and I am delighted with her :)

  2. Gosh that was a quick comment. Buckland Beauty is not one I have come across but then there are so many. I will look it up later.

  3. Hi Joanne

    That is some collection!

    I have but two. A Jackmanii and one that I am going to have to google to re-find the name.


  4. Hi Rob Room for more then I guess. Some are good in pots too.

  5. This title caught my attention! What is the name of the white on with the ruffley center?
    My collection is nowhere near yours, but I'm slowly adding to it.

  6. You can count me firmly amongst the Clematis lovers, but I reckon most gardeners are ;-)

    Sadly, I have little luck growing them. Isn't it always the case that the plants you like best are apt to evade you.

    49? A touch excessive? Oops. Don't want to upset you here, but it is simply from where I am sitting, nurturing four sickly ones. I could do a longish post 'Clematises I have loved and lost'.

    Unfortunately I can't get the slides to come up for me. Such a pity. I've been staring at a black screen for the past ten minutes, but nothing shows. And I am ever so curious. I'll have to make do with your recommended links.

  7. Count me in as a fan. President and the species are my favourites.

  8. Hi Catherine I still keep trying to get into your blog did manage it once but not again. The ruffle one is slightly mauve in colour and is Josephine.

    Hi Joco Yes could be considered excessive but they mix in well in the garden so don't over power and don't all flower at once. I think there has been a little gentle rivalry with my Dad and I over the years, he has even more than me.
    My soil is clay and clematis seem not to mind this. My friend who gardens on sand has great difficulties getting them to grow. They like lots of water and tomato feed is also good although I haven't given much out this year. Once they get established and their roots are well down and in the shade they will go on for years.
    What a pity you can't get the slides up. Can you clck on slide and see on their program?
    I have had problems with Virgin for last two days not me they messed up on an update but hopefully they will update again soon and resolve the problem. Just as well for google and Yahoo working.

    Hermes Glad you enjoyed them

  9. Hi Joanne, only 49, there might still be some that you don't have yet, woman! You have a good touch with them, thanks for the tip on the tomato food too. We have trouble keeping them watered enough in the drought conditions. They go dormant but return the next spring to give it another go. Love them all. And from the last post, delphinium confetti sounds extremely delightful. I would be tempted to sweep it back up to reuse, too pretty to let go. :-)

  10. Hi Joanne,
    Wow! great collection of clematis. I love them too.

  11. Frances Yes I think quite a few but who knows I might squeeze the odd one in here or there.
    Apart from the confetti I use them in pot pourri not for smell obviously but the colour brightens up the bowl.

    Carolyn Thank you.

  12. Hello Joanne.... A lovely collection. ~ bangchik

  13. Thanks for the lovely slide show! I love clematis. I only have one but really need to get more. The variety I have is Josephine - which has a bit of fungal issue right now but seems to be doing OK. -Jackie

  14. What a great collection, and lovely photos. I've only got 6 or 7 cultivars - I have some catching up to do!

  15. Must look up Vit Vernosa Violocea - for the name alone it would be worth having!
    Mine seem to get choked by other plants, but might just be that I put them all on the hot dry side of the garden. This year I've acquired 6 varieties and am going to try them on the shady side...maybe even in deep pots so I can move them around from year to year. Thanks for the lovely slide show:-)

  16. Thank you Bangchik and Jackie, hope Josephine gets over her fungal problems.
    Sharon I am sure you will enjoy catching up.
    Scattered Gardener Yes Vit Vernosa Violcea is lovely even better than the photo. It is not vigorous and may well do ok in a large pot. I have other less vigorous ones in pots.