Sunday, 28 June 2009


This is Saunders White a cutting from my Rambling rose taken some years ago. I had given the cutting to a dear friend Mary and she had it scrambling up a very old Apple tree.
As the rose grew then Mary added an arch to accommodate it and then a second one.

Sadly Mary died about three years ago. I lost my best gardening chum and miss her still very much. Apart from a dear friend and neighbour, we shared many plants and cuttings not to mention allotmenteering for many years.

The Apple tree fell over one winter and Mary's husband asked my advice on pruning so we set too and pruned very hard. He was determined to keep the rose as a focal point and so added a tripod to help hold some of the rose.

It has worked out so well and he has clematis and perennial sweet peas growing through the rose.
Mary would be so proud of the way her husband has carried on with her lovely garden. These few days whilst he is away I am on watering duties. Something I have enjoyed over many years. I enjoy looking around Mary's garden although I miss the chatter and her company.
Today I sat on her bench and took some lovely photos of her rose and enjoyed her beautiful garden.


  1. Joanne, it is a sad, but sweet post. The rose is stunning!

  2. Joanne - what a lovely tribute to your friend and to her husband.

    That rose is stunning. I'm constantly amazed at how the smallest of gifts, such as a cutting turn out to be some of the most significant.

  3. What a lovely tribute to your friend.
    The rose is stunning. I do hope I might see it in September!

  4. It's amazing how that one cutting became such a beautiful healthy rose. It must be nice for you to see her garden and enjoy memories of her, especially since her husband is taking such good care of it.

  5. Same as Tatyana - but what a lovely way to remember someone you loved.

  6. A beautiful post, the photos are gorgeous. I'm sure Mary's husband is glad to have you around to help keep the garden in a state fit for a tribute to dear friend.

  7. What lovely memories - a testament to your friendship.

  8. The white rose is beautiful.
    RIP Mary. Obviously a great person.

  9. Hi Joanne

    You are lucky to have had such a good friend with a shared interest.

    Beautiful rose.

  10. It's sad but you will always have great memories of your chum, I'm touched by this post. The rose must be a very good one, the way it grows and grows. It's beautiful with all the arches and other things like Clematis.

  11. Thank you all for your kind words.