Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Regale Lilies grown in pots so that the perfume can be enjoyed near the house.
Just a few pots not a lot of room to walk!

Beth. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. A rare moment for her to stay still long enough to take a photo although she did turn her back on me.

I had another hard day digging up yet more ground elder and as I will have to revisit and perhaps use systemic weed killer on any new shoots, I decided rather than re plant I would use the space to ease my pot crisis.

A view across my mini pond/Hosta bed to the corner by the steps that I had been working so hard on.

This Campanula self seeded in a wall and I kept the seed and produced many more plants which are dotted around the bottom of the roses in the Box boxes. I like plants for free.

This Foxglove is such a lovely colour I think it must have been from a seed packet because mostly my Foxgloves are the wild variety.

Just a few Delphiniums I lost some last year and have replanted but not such a good display this year. I have masses of seedlings doing very well for next year, in fact too many. When Delphiniums start to drop, the petals are good for drying. I keep some and they have been used for confetti over the years, so much nicer than paper confetti and they keep their colour well.

A shot up the garden shows the Lavender coming out and the Campanula. I still can't get the definition I would like in these sort of shots.

Mike was amused at these two pidgeons they were feasting on the fruit on the Amelanchier trees. Many birds like these fruits and because the growth is not very strong they do all sorts of somersaults to get at the fruit.

Mike was also taken with my Rhubarb seeds, they are quite spectacular.

Rebecca tried to get a photo of the evening sunlight shining down on the garden. I don't think she was too impressed with my cheapo camera. Perhaps it will encourage her to get back into her photography.


  1. Hi Joanne
    It amazes me to see how many different plants you amnage to fit in to your garden. How on earth do you remember the names of all of them??
    Can't have a Lyme brain!!

  2. Oh sugar. So that's what a garden can look like in June! It's just lovely. Hey ho, I'll keep at it.

    Do you put slug pellets out for your delphiniums? Our garden does tend to be Slug Central.

  3. I love the color of the foxglove and the evening light photo is beautiful!

  4. Hi Joanne, it all looks fabulous. I think your delphiniums are the same colour as mine ! I love them, and really should get some other colours.

  5. Lovely gardens... I feel at peace here.... I'm glad I found you! I will fly back here soon...

    Fairy cielo ;)

  6. Oh, I just love that blue Campanula! I'm a sucker for blue! Now I'm excited for my lilies to bloom after reading your post :)- should be soon!

  7. What a lovely looking garden - and of course love the dog, those eyes!

  8. Brooke Thank you

    Alison Well if I can get rid of more ground elder I will get a few more plants in.
    I hope it is still looking interesting when you come to stay in September.
    I have been very lucky I did not get Borrelia in my brain althought when inflammation was really bad I did get a bit of brain fog but that is cytokine action which thankfully cleared once I was properly treated. I don't know the name of all things but do keep a log of roses and clematis plus I keep a few labels to hand these days.

    EB I think the camera is kind. Strangely though the vegetable area is by far the best part of the garden at present so I need to do more in the other areas.
    Growing Delphiniums together is a good idea you can grit around the bed and I do use slug pellets in the early stages of growth. When I have tried growing Delphiniums in my herbacious bed in the front garden they have just disappeared rapidly.

    Carolyn Thanks.

    Maureen If you are ever in the Guildford area and have time for a cup of tea in the garden do let me know. I have many baby Delphiniums would like a new home.

    Cielo Thank you that is a good description. At present it brings to mind Geoff Hamilton's Paradise Garden series from TV many years ago.

    Tessa Campanula so easy to grow from seed and rewarding. My lilies are left overwinter in a cold greenhouse so are a bit earlier to flower than those in the ground.

    Hermes Thank you.

  9. Your garden is looking beautiful, so full of colour and wonderfully soft planting.
    It is lovely Joanne

  10. Karen
    Thank you. I have just come inside for a rest and lunch after tackling more ground elder and weeds under the bench, so a major task and it was particularly nice to hear your comment of encouragement.

  11. Beautiful June blooms Joanne - I imagine that your garden is highly scented as well as colourful !

  12. Anna Yes it is quite intoxicating at this time of year.

  13. Your garden is amazing! Oh one day I hope to have one like yours : )

  14. Hi Joanne
    I am actually reading this in Cobham,Surrey from my son's, (so not far from you ) we come almost every week, so perhaps one of the next visits I can arrange to take you up on your kind offer. The cuppa & the Delphiniums would be very nice. I will e-mail you.

  15. Maureen That would be fun meeting you.