Saturday, 13 June 2009


Hydrangea Paniculata
Just a few photos I meant to post earlier but I got carried away with Roses and Vegetables.
I liked the photo of the Acer trunk with Amelanchier to the right.


Iris Sibirica

Aquilegia self sown

Fern by the seat in a shady corner

A few pots I seem to be acquiring more and more

My lovely Hosta one of the seeds from Dad's Siebaldiana.


  1. Blime, is your aconitum looking like that now? That's not natural, you know ;) Mine won't be out for about 2 months, but they are in full shade. Yours look lovely - and the other things. Sorry, I'm behind on reading blogs and haven't got to your previous ones yet...

  2. Hi Joanne... I am trying to figure out the flowers in the first photo... Hydrangea Paniculata... Two different kind of flowers? The bigger white and the smaller but denser creamy flowers..

    ~ bangchik

  3. I love the hydrangea, I don't have any of that type. Most of mine are full of buds now. I really like the ferns by the stone bench too. Everything is looking great there!

  4. So glad to know I am not the only one who gets carried away by one aspect and totaly forget the rest of the story!

  5. That Hosta's an absolute cracker. Does it get bothered by slugs and snails or do they leave it alone (the leaves look thick).

    Blue is the colour!


  6. EB I have had many such conversations about it over the years with my parents I just assumed it was a different variety. My garden book talks about A napellus flowering early to mid summer but then describes it as deep pinkish violet which mine are not. Perhaps a bit of promiscuity has been going on. I don't remember it in the garden when we arrived and can't remember ever putting it there although I have managed to dig bits up and move around it is slow to bulk up. I hope you see my Lizard Orchid post it was such an exciting find.

    Bangchik and Kakdah yes it is unusual and the book says that they are sterile and non sterile flowers all on the same head. Sometimes called Lace cap hydrangers in the bush form. This is a climbing one and grows in shady areas. The book says it flowers late summer to early Autumn so perhaps we have some strange eco climate here in Guildford. No just joking.

    Catherine Thank you for your comment. I have been unable to open your blog for some days just come up with a message and throws me out even on Blotanical. So I am sorry I have been unable to read and post comments.

    Hi Alison very interesting letter you sent me from Canlyme. It's time they got rid of the tick border control in Canada! Must be very expensive stopping all those migrating birds for inspection!
    I had forgotten about Ho Yen's recent work. So even the experts within HPA can't agree over testing well what a surprise! Hmm food for thought though. My MP has the bit between her teeth me thinks.Questions in the House and more letters to Health Secretary.

    Hi Rob no he hosta manages better than most against the slugs and snails I suspect because of being in a pot with slug pellets and it's leathery leaves. Perhaps food for thought for you as you have such lovely pots!
    Yes Blue is the colour here and yes I am partial to blue flowers and white and pink ah well I suppose most flowers really if truth were known.

  7. It is a very unique Hydrangea Paniculata, my pink Hydrangea is blooming now, you can see it at

  8. The columbine is really is thriving! I seem to be acquiring pots this year...I haven't counted, but it's a LOT (for me, anyway)!! I am always find another 'spot' for just one more...and another new plant to add to each new one!

  9. Hi Vuejardin Thanks for joining me. I just poped by your blog. Love the roses and hydrangea. i will be back to look again.

    Jan Hi Yes that's what I think but actually I really do not have room for any more pots or plants and not sure where all my nursery plants will go. Perhaps more weeding will ease up a bit more room.
    I have just watered some pots, we had been promised rain, it was a thunder storm 15/20 miles away at my daughters but not here. Still the perfume at night is scrumptious. The petunia in the hanging baskets smell of vanilla.

  10. Hi Joanne, what a beautiful and unusual PeeGee hydrangea you have. I have never seen one with both types of flowers, and it climbs you say? Wow, those are both such desirable traits. Lucky. :-)