Thursday 25 June 2009


Prince Charles is looking good in the new arch with Jasmin which smells divine.

Mrs N Thompson is a most unusual colour and likes shade which is useful for the shady side of a garden. In fact most of the stripped clematis benefit by not having their heads in full sun. The feet of all clematis need to be shaded.

I had to post another photo of Viennetta now that she has opened a bit more. Thank you Rachel what a nice present.

Madame Julia Correvon is flowering well this is only her second summer so I am very pleased with the number of flowers and buds.

Rouge Cardinal I must have had this 15 plus years and it gives a good show usually, although last year was not so good, but I think that was slug/snail damage so I am pleased to see it back on form.

Viticella Soldertalje is very rampant so you need masses of space, it completely smothers a small Victoria Plum so is difficult to steer where I want it to grow. It has the most unusual green markings sometimes on the petals can be ugly but still opens with bright coloured flowers and makes a good show.

The first of many flowers on Perle d'azur again a very rampant clematis needing a lot of space to climb.

This dainty flowered clematis is not vigorous, Special Occasion, it has an unusual colour and I have it at the foot of a Eucalyptus tree which is kept well pruned, a tip from visiting Great Dixter seeing in the Hot garden polarded Eucalyptus.

This is not the best looking specimen and I am confused over it's name I had it down as a Hederifolia but now can't find that however it is a herbaceous clematis. I can find Integrifolia and Heracleifolia so I will have to pass on this.

This is Arctic Queen in bud and then a few days later open. It is a lovely clematis but I planted it in too much sun and a dry spot so after it had struggled for some years I moved it and it struggled even more. I thought I had lost it then I managed to tear a stem off weeding in the late spring and I was delighted to find this flower, although it is at the end of a long woody growth so doubt the plant will ever bulk up from the bottom now.


  1. Wow these are some pretty ones! I don't think I've heard of most of these. I think Viennetta might be my favorite. Your daughter has good taste.

  2. Joanne, aren't they good.

    You seem to avoid slug and snail damage, is there a secret?

    Beautiful clematis

  3. I love these - you can never have too many Clematis.

  4. How Kakdah wish to squeeze more flowers in the plot... I envy yours.

    ~ bangchik

  5. Prince Charles and Jasmine look very romantic together - does Camilla know?
    I love the idea of a pollarded eucalyptus - would be good to see a photo.

  6. Clematis is my favorite. Thank you for shearing so many photos of these beauties.

  7. Love all your clematis. I have been trying to get Perle D' zur for a few years but no luck yet. On the Island we do have a limited variety it seems.
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. I love when you show all of your Clematis. What a collection you have.
    Sorry I haven't been around - some good gardening weather at the beginning of the week and Tuesday I got my Grandsons - still have them. I'm too old to be Wonder Woman anymore and do it all! LOL

  9. Thanks for your comments.
    SG We just cut the Eucalyptus back rather hard as I have been a bit lapse the last few years. I then came in and read your comment. What a pity I didn't take a photo before it was cut, it looks rather sorry at present.
    Carolyn Why don't you mail order a Perle d'azur it would be worth it but perhaps later rather than now when it is in full growth.
    RG Enjoy your grandchildren the blogs will still be there for a rainy day.