Saturday, 9 January 2010


In all the manual setting apart from the last three I have used Saturation in the edit function on the computer to try and reduce the blueness of the snow but always at the expense of the redness of the sky.
The first was M ISO200 Av 4.5 Tv 1/60

M ISO 200 Av 4.5 Tv 1/200

M ISO 200 Av 4.5 Tv 1/320

M ISO200 Av 4.5 Tv 1/80

A ISO80 Av 2.8 Tv 1/60

M ISO 100 Av 4.5 Tv 1/40

M ISO 200 Av 2.8 Tv 1/160

M ISO 200 Av 2.8 Tv 1/125

M ISO 100 Av 4.5 Tv 1/160

M ISO 100 Av 4.5 Tv 1/100

M ISO 200 Av 4.5 Tv 1/250

M ISO 200 Av 2.8 Tv 1/640

M ISO 200 Av 2.8 Tv 1/640

M ISO 200 Av 2.8 Tv 1/320

M ISO 400 Av 2.8 Tv 1/800

M ISO 400 Av 5 Tv 1/320


  1. Looks like you are having fun Joanne! I am so dumb really with all the techno of photography. When I find results I like I repeat them. I love your large tree... some are cold and some are glowing I prefer the glowing. I do prefer 200 over 400 ... too wash out when that open. I think I like your second large tree portrait best of all. Great camera! ;) Carol

  2. Thanks Carol seems like Automatic is winning then but I will still soldier on. I do find for sunsets you really need Manual settings especially to stop flash going off.

  3. MAGICAL!! Wonderful post!Winter looks so enchanting draped all over these poetic trees!! Gorgeous job Joanne! I am inspired by you!

  4. Thanks to my daughters comments I have realised that I had the WB (white Balance) on the wrong setting so that is probably why the snow was so blue. I will try again playing with these settings I don't think the snow is going anywhere very fast. Ah well onwards and upwards to those of you who are initiated you will have to excuse my ignorance.

  5. Those shots are beautiful -- I can't believe I talk about my happy little pond-sicles and you have all that amazing snow. I'm looking forward to your next experiment with the camera settings. I'm learning a lot!

  6. Hi Joanne,
    Your pictures are pretty with the snow covering.Will your garden have some winter kill or is it not much colder then usual? Do you cover your roses in autumn or are they all hardy?
    I have been doing the same as you -practicing with different settings-next I am going to try using my tripod for some pics to see if there is any difference.
    Have a good weekend,

  7. Beautiful shots - white balance always does my head in - it looks like you are learning a lot.K

  8. You're doing so well with all of your manual settings. I'm still not understanding much other than having a higher ISO helps with poor lighting. I just love the shape of that tree in the fourth picture!

  9. Carolyn We have had a longer cold spell than we are used to so there may be some plants that have suffered but then I don't have too many tender plants, over the years I have lost several and decided not to continue the battle. I have a few that overwinter in the back lean to and don't have room for more.

    All my roses are hardy except Banksiae Banksiae which is against a warm house wall so will be ok I am sure.

    Mike just bought me a tripod. I am sure with your lovely collages it will be useful having a tripod.

    Thanks Karen yes I spent last evening playing with settings and reading about WB so when it's light I will go have a play in the garden and see if I can get rid of the blue tones.

    Catherine yes I too am drawn to Oak trees we have several in our woods but also several dead ones I hope it is not the fungus they are sbject to that has killed them or we may loose others.I started playing with settings trying to capture sunsets it helps that my daughter has the same camera now with her knowledge on photography it is great to speak to someone who can point me in the right direction plus the reading and playing too.

  10. I had White Balance set at a manual setting which was why I had a blue tinge in the above.

  11. Hurrah... and yes, it's beginning to thaw here too! What a relief. Was all great at the outset, but then got dreary.

  12. Lovely misterious place.... Love every single pic....