Tuesday 26 January 2010


Just having a bit of fun with manual settings. I couldn't resist popping outside when I saw the sky whilst I was washing up.

I am sorry if I haven't been keeping up so much with blogging friends but when I am quiet it is usually because I am busy with my other blog.

My youngest daughter thought it would be nice if she made me a book of my blog, mainly connected with the garden. She has been very busy loading onto her computer and recently showed me how it was coming along. I was most impressed it looks lovely and will be so nice to have a book to flick through and remember the garden in 2009.

I was 'speaking' with Charlotte of The Galloping Gardener recently and she pointed me in the direction of www.blurb.com This looks an excellent website and has a free download for making your own books and has lots of other information.

Recently Frances of Fairegarden has been busy posting about what happens to blogs when we cease blogging do check her recent posts out.

Perhaps we should start a fashion of publishing Garden Bloggers books from Blotanical could be quite something. Meanwhile though it would be fun just to have a personal copy of our favourite Blog posts.

What do you think?


  1. Hi Joanne~~ This just proves that although we're leaning towards a paper-less society, the hardcopy still has merit. It never ceases to amaze me what we can accomplish with a personal computer. I remember when computer savvy hubby and I were watching the movie Apollo 13 several years ago. He told me our comparatively small PCs can do more than a whole room at NASA in the late 60s. We've come a long way. And I think most of it is good.

  2. Fabulous photo Joanne! Wonderful colors! I guess you will have to do a post on your blog book! It would be fun to see the process. What about a Kindle book? ;>0 I will have to check out your link to self publishing. Carol

  3. Hi Joanne, what a lovely sky shot! Even if you have fudged it a bit, still breath taking. The book thing has been keeping me busy as well, and thanks for the link love. Sor far Blog2print did not work out, for I have too many photos and it would cost way too much. Lulu was too difficult for each photo would have to be uploaded seperately, not worth the effort and I have lost all the photos into the miasma of jump drives anyway. I will look into this, to see if it would work for me. How nice to have someone do it for you, though. :-)

  4. Joanne:
    Very intriguing post - I think it was Flickr or Picasa where I first came across the concept of turning a blog [or posts therewithin] into a book. I did a test to see what it would cost..... close to $40 and that was only 10 or so posts, so for the length of a whole blog, pretty expensive.... BUT, still a great idea. I think I am going to wait until fall and pick and choose a set of articles, get it made into a book and treat myself to a book of my very own on the shelf of my garden library. Have you decided whether to try this venture?

  5. I've thought about doing just what you talk about but haven't looked into it yet. It would be fun to see all of our work and pictures in print. Thanks for the link to blurb, I'll be looking into it :)

  6. Thanks for all your comments. Fortunately most of my photos I downloaded onto DVD except for just a few. Rebecca has managed to copy these few from my blog a fiddly process so that they can be loaded into the program for the book. I do not know what program she is using I must ask. But it looks similar to Blurb.
    Frances yes it is a lengthy process transfering the writing from blog to program and setting out the photos from my DVD's (blog photo copy not being the best quality) Hence the Tuesday and Thursday! Yes it is great to have it done for me and lovely to share an similar interest and learn from her knowledge of photography and IT.

  7. Joanne, your photo is lovely and it has a nice red glow to the sky. The book printing is a great idea, but I am really worried about the cost. Do you think it is cheaper if I download or copy and paste to word processor and print myself?

  8. Hello Joanne,

    I have used Blurb and have been very happy with it. I love the idea of having a Blotanical set of books :^)

  9. Hi Joanne,
    I think it sounds like a great idea-so nice to have your daughter do one for you.
    To answer your question about my photos -a few years ago my photos were in our Island Living Magazine but sadly they have gone the way of a lot of magazines-broke!Also ,once in a national magazine and they also are gone.Thank you for the compliment.

  10. I've made some of these using both Blurb.com and IPhoto. One to commemorate concerts, Live 8 and seeing the Spice Girls in 2008 at the O2(my daughter has been a Spice Girly from the age of 2)and some of my garden for friends who now do not live close enough to visit -in Australia and New Zealand.
    They are VERY easy to do,and Blurb gives you the option of hardback, paperback etc.They really do look very professional and accomplished. I'Il bet you can even do it yourself :just set aside a couple of hours devoted time. I found it fun and satisfying ;-)
    And even though I love my Kindle , I adore my books.I cant see books really disappearing ever,especially when the subject is something so visual as gardening ;-) I still love to hold a beautifully produced book in my hands.
    Julie X

  11. A glorious sunset Joanne. The book idea is a great one Joanne. Be sure to tell us if you take it further.

  12. It's nice to visit your blog again, Joanne...I've been 'absent' as of late! I've started picking up my posts again, though and am gradually making the rounds to say hello to my good blogging friends. The book idea is something I've thought of too, but wouldn't want all of my posts. Taking a few and making a smallish-sized book might be a nice idea. I'll be interested to hear how yours turns out! PS I'm back on FB w/my blog again, too;-) I just can't stay away from any of it...as much as I 'tried'! It's so nice to have a blog to be able to express oneself and also to connect w/others.

  13. PS I had intended to say how beautiful your sunset photo is...the red shade is stunning.
    Also, I hope you will be able to participate in the Garden Bloggers Sustainable Living project I'm having on my blog, along with a give-away, in recognition of Earth Day.

  14. Hi Jan it is good to have you back again I still pop over to your blog but seem very behind with blogging friends at present.