Wednesday, 24 May 2017


                                        A rather fuzzy photo of Clematis Montana Mayleen

                       The President with white Banksiae Banksiae rose.


Nelly Moser grown from a cutting and replacing the original plant which died when moved slightly to make room for a small Eucryphia tree.


Marie Boisselot

Marie Boisselot and Josephine

Belle of Woking

Belle of Woking


This is Rebecca doing really well in view of the dog eating through it at ground level two years ago.

Marmori weeds and all!


Viticella Blue Belles maybe these stems were not cut back because the rest of the plant is still growing and not due to flower for some time.

Marmori with Vit. Blue Belles

Looking through the arch with Rebecca on the left.

                                                       Mrs N Thompson on the right of the arch

Sitting in this part of the garden I am surrounded by several of these clematis.