Saturday, 15 April 2017


Two beds of onions. The bamboo structures protect from the pigeons and local cat population. The beds get covered with translucent plastic sheets overnight to protect from frost. The hazel poles have been left but are used to weight the plastic sheets and stop from blowing away.

Broad beans grown in pots in the greenhouse this year and then transplanted.

Peas also grown in pots in the greenhouse and transplanted. We struggle to grow peas because of the damage rats and mice do hence the poison box.

Looking up the garden five beds on the right hand side.

Delphiniums in the vegetable garden - I can't wait for them to flower.

Looking up the garden on the left hand side. The bed in the foreground staked ready for runner and climbing beans.

Sweet peas in the greenhouse waiting to be planted in barrels. Small tomato plants behind the sweet peas.

I think Mike has now put runner and climbing beans in these trays.

Some rather successful cuttings from a plumbago.


Cuttings and agapanthus in pots.This area is badly riddled with ground elder yes even among the paving hence the black sheeting to smother it.

Up the steps into the sitting area.

I love the latest seat that Mike made using a very large slab and as you can see building blocks to sit it on.

A sunny seat just wait until all those clematis buds come into flower.

Up the next steps onto the back terrace, lovely to watch the hostas grow, before the slugs and snails shred their leaves.

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  1. Hi Joanne,

    Lovely to watch your garden grow!

    We just had another snow storm here in north Alberta. Can hardly wait til spring finally arrives here.