Friday, 24 June 2016


Don't you just love Delphiniums these days I grow them in a small border and they perform very well although vie for space with a Saunders White Rambler  and several Clematis with a large cooking apple tree to the right of the photo, a beautiful Gleditsia to the left of the photo and variegated Box along the front of the border.
In early spring I weed and dress the bed with grit and slug pellets.

I was encouraged to grow Delphiniums years ago when I had an allotment next to someone who grew them for show. He had half an allotment of Delphiniums. In June it was like being in heaven and i can't think of Delphiniums without being reminded of him his allotment and the thought of Dreaming Spires.
I posted about them last year when the weather conditions were more favourable and they hadn't been so battered with rain as they have been this year, on this post