Friday 24 June 2016


Don't you just love Delphiniums these days I grow them in a small border and they perform very well although vie for space with a Saunders White Rambler  and several Clematis with a large cooking apple tree to the right of the photo, a beautiful Gleditsia to the left of the photo and variegated Box along the front of the border.
In early spring I weed and dress the bed with grit and slug pellets.

I was encouraged to grow Delphiniums years ago when I had an allotment next to someone who grew them for show. He had half an allotment of Delphiniums. In June it was like being in heaven and i can't think of Delphiniums without being reminded of him his allotment and the thought of Dreaming Spires.
I posted about them last year when the weather conditions were more favourable and they hadn't been so battered with rain as they have been this year, on this post


  1. I loved looking at your pictures this morning. I have always liked delphiniums, but so far I have had no success with them. I think maybe we have too many slugs. Can you give me some hints as to the best way to start them off and when? maybe in another post?

  2. Hi Stella I grew all my Delphiniums from seed started off about this time of year in seed trays using a mixture of potting compost and sand, dampened. I actually use clear plastic mushroom boxes and one for a lid to help germination and prevent drying off.
    Once the delphiniums germinate and produce two proper leaves I pot up into small plastic pots and nurture in a cold frame mind the slugs I am afraid I use slug pellets especially at this stage.
    As the plants get larger I move to larger pots still in a cold frame and over winter sometimes more than one winter depending on size of plant and space available.
    I can never manage them in a mixed border but grown together helps keep the slugs down by putting grit around them and slug pellets, it also helps for staking in a narrow border as I have. Of course in my usual style I am greedy and have added too many other things around my delphinium bed, roses clematis and trees so they looked better before I planted other things around them.
    Do give it a try they are so very rewarding and last some years, I also use petals dried for confetti.